Finally, an Innovation in Newspapers

Great idea from Guardian called G24:

…which allows readers to download and print out a rolling version of the newspaper that is updated every 15 minutes. G24 is an eight- to 12-page PDF covering either general news, international news, economics, sport or media stories. The new product is aimed at the lunchtime and evening commuter market who may want an updated print product to read on the train or bus.

I would love it if my local paper published, once a day, a PDF of all the local stories and the op-ed/letters section. I would pay for it, or they could run ads. I dislike getting the physical paper everyday, throwing away the sports and classifieds sections, skimming the feature stores for the occasional piece that targets me, and only reading the local news. So I rarely buy the paper.
The Guardian is charging about $12 a month for the service. Before I looked that up I decided I’d pay $5 a week or maybe $15 a month for my local paper in this format. It turns out they charge $16 a month for a printed, delivered copy—so this would lower their costs dramatically (after an initial capital investment) and be a real win-win for both of us.