Walking in Atlanta

Flight from Boston landed early. Forgot to make reservations for the hotel shuttle, so rather than take a taxi I headed for the Marta subway. Helpful employee guided me to the stop I wanted, even calling a secret cell phone number to verify my destination and best stop.
Arrived at the stop and asked another employee which direction to head. “Left; three blocks….” Okay, 10:00 PM, downtown – Midtown N3 stop, for you locals – dragging my roller suitcase and oversized computer bag. Past the construction zone, past a monster gas station convenience store, over 8 lanes of highway, down a long hill, past student apartments, into a neighborhood, past the football stadium. Have I walked three blocks yet? At least I’m near Georgia Tech, which is supposedly my destination.
At around 10:25 I decided that I had walked way more than three blocks, and I hadn’t seen anything close to a hotel and conference center. I took a left and headed into the campus. Eventually I decided I had no idea where I was, it was only getting later, and I was only looking more like a target. So I called the hotel. “Uh, I walked down Tenth Street for a while, and now I’m on Atlantic. How do I get to you?” First words: “Oh, wow.”
Well, it turned out to be back on the other side of the highway. It was about “three blocks” from the Marta stop, but I wanted to take a left after two of them. Oh, okay. So he gave me directions from where I am to where I’m going, and I hike it over there. Remember that long downhill? It’s just as long two blocks west. And it feels a little steeper going up, though maybe that’s just my suitcase arm talking. Past the baseball stadium, over the highway again. Down a very nice side street and bingo, hotel appears. Relief. I walked about 45 minutes dragging about 75 pounds behind me. Bonus adrenaline boost from being lost in the city. Considered going to the bar and getting a strong drink, but decided to blog this and head for bed instead.