Activity Recommendation: Vacation

A couple of weeks ago, when I was laid low with the flu, under deadline stress, and finally hitting my limit of multi-tasking, I decided I better take a week off before I burned out. I looked at my calendar for the week of the 3rd, already a short week with the holiday, and with no appointments booked I blocked it out completely.
Well, by Wednesday, after a weekend of naps, a live music show at my favorite venue, and another day of naps, I decided that I already was burned out. Holy cow do I feel better now! Of course, after six months of rain, it’s nice that it was sunny and warm and with a cool breeze every day. Pat myself on the back for getting the weather right. Also pat myself on the back for minimizing expectations about getting things done. Yes, I managed to get some major housecleaning in, and wow was the lawn ever long and mangy after all the rain and my travel schedule, but mostly I sat around enjoying the birds and trees, and hardly even reading.
For me “relaxing” means a lack of obligations – making the holiday season far from enjoyable – and this week I managed to reset my body, my mind, and my spirit by minimizing the “shoulds.” I wish I could extend this another week, but there are a few things I have to do this week. I think I will make it to a mid-week concert though, and then there’s another weekend coming up soon.
Recommendation: Take some time off and do nothing. I promise: You’ll love it.