Concert Etiquette

Overheard at SPAC:
Why do you carry a lighter to rock concerts? You don’t smoke.
—Sometimes people ask for a light.
But smokey rooms suck. Why would you help smokers by offering them a light?
—Because if, at a rock concert, someone asks for a lighter, the chances are good that you’ll have the option of getting a toke on a joint, should you so desire one at that particular moment in time.
But don’t people smoke cigarettes at concerts? You don’t want a toke on a Winston. Don’t the chimneys ask for a light more often?
—Well, that happens sometimes, but not that much.
That doesn’t make any sense. A lot more people smoke cigarettes than smoke pot.
—Yeah, but, cigarette smokers are addicts. They usually have their kit prepared to keep the juices flowing. Pot smokers are, by definition, stoners. And stoners usually forget stuff like lighters back in the van.
That’s kind of funny you’re gaming them like that.
—No gaming here. It’s all about catalyzing the win-win.