Perfect Music Marketing

This whole weblog thing is pretty amazing. I wrote that post the other day on finding music – it was a toss-off, essentially, a cool service that made me think about how I used to find music and how much harder it is now (for me). Then, in the comments, this:

Hello Michael J.

I liked your post on finding music. It’s funny how more options means more hassles. But here’s another way to find new music. Have it come to you. My name’s Kevin Griffin. I’m a singer songwriter out of Boston. I noticed you like Paul Simon. He’s been one of my favorites for many years. My music’s even been described as if Paul Simon and Johnny Cash were sitting around a campfire singing eachothers songs, that’s me.

Anyway, I’m still not good at this self promotion stuff but I have a new song that was just named a semi finalist in the International Songwriting Contest and I’m trying to get new ears to hear it. So here’s my link to Itunes so you can check it out.

Here´s the link to ITUNES and the lullaby.

Thanks and I hope you like the music. If you do, let me know.

Kevin Griffin

Now, it would be easy to say, “Yo, no self-promotion on my blog!” But that’s not what I feel at all. What I feel is, Cool! Why? Kevin notes my post. He references my previous post on Paul Simon. He connects himself to that lineage. He has social proof in the form of an award. He clearly states he’s trying to get more people to listen to the song and his music. He thanks me. He signs his name.
Kevin, rock on buddy. Perfect music marketing. The opposite of music industry PR spin. The opposite of hype. You didn’t tell me I’d love it – you said you think it’s like some other things I love and maybe I’d like to check it out. You link to iTunes, the default mechanism for easy previewing. You link to your website so I can explore more.
How did Kevin find my post? Who knows? I have somewhere between insignificant and non-existent tracking systems in place on Notio. He’s never commented before. I don’t know if he dropped in on that post or has been following along for three years. It doesn’t matter. He respects the medium, and is using it effectively. I’m happy to promote that comment to the top of the fold. Well done.