RMA Please

Dear Andrew,
I’d like an RMA to return the microphone stand purchased on order #L23298760, invoice #6098612.
The reason for the return is that the metal boom of the stand, when delivered, had two stickers on it, put there by the manufacturer. One was a white paper UPC bar code sticker. The other was a long silver foil sticker with a purple stripe that said, “On-Stage Stands.” As it turns out, these two stickers make a difference.
The paper one tore off in tiny pieces that took nearly five minutes to remove—though, granted, using only my fingernails and sailor slang—leaving a sticky glue residue. The second one peeled off easily leaving only a lightly tacky film of glue.
I attempted to remove the glue using the spray cleaner called Fantastic and a paper towel. Much to my surprise, the UPC glue came off easily, but the foil glue became stickier. I then used Windex, which helped loosen the glue, but did not remove it. Additional elbow grease was applied and had some minor effect. Bringing out the heavy artillery, I used Clorox spray cleaner with bleach. Nor did this powerful agent have any impact on the glue.
I guess what it comes down to is that when I buy something I don’t want to spend ten minutes taking stickers off the thing, and I especially don’t want to own something on which the sticker glue cannot be removed using only everyday cleaners commonly available in the average kitchen.
Does anybody at On-Stage Stands ever purchase their own products and try to use them as a customer would?
It is unacceptable to me to use the stand with the glue residue as it is. It seems like my only other alternative would be to re-order the stand and use it with the stickers attached. But I don’t want to use the stand on-stage (har har) with the stickers—especially the purple stripe one; the UPC one is kind of ironic and cool—hence, best to return it.
This is the sort of thing I can buy at the local guitar store and not pay for shipping. It’s too bad I had to spend $15 shipping (plus return) to figure that out.
Michael J.
PS: If you have a staff contest for best return requests, I hope that this letter at least merits an entry. If not, please forward some examples for my study and self-improvement.