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What Is Lingr?

Coming soon… Now live: “Lingr is the place for chat on the web. That’s it, seriously- nothing could be simpler.”

Attics of My Life

Well, after that last bout of capitalism, I’ve been relatively introspective, and also relatively productive. In the attics of my life Full of cloudy dreams unreal Full of tastes no tongue can know And lights no eye can see Playing guitar. Writing emails. Reflecting. Working this weekend so I can have fun next weekend. Knocking […]

Declaring First Use

I want to take this moment to claim first use and moral rights on the following trademarks. * Governance for Design and Technology™ * Feed-Forward Governance™ * Strategic Website Leadership™ * People, Process, and Positive Feedback™ * Feed-Forward Methods for People and Process™ * Proportional Budget Matrix™ * Factor-Based Peer Review™ * Weighted-Factor Competitive Review™ […]

That’s Odd

Sticker found on bananas: “Eat five a day for good health.” Five bananas a day?? Wow. How do you know it’s early August? You receive the Eddie Bauer Holiday Preview catalog in the mail. That is so, like, in sync! I have been thinking about Christmas gifts and winter clothing recently, haven’t you? The world […]

Helvetica, The Movie!

Very exciting. A movie about a typeface. Helvetica is a feature-length independent film about typography, graphic design and global visual culture. It looks at the proliferation of one typeface (which will celebrate its 50th birthday in 2007) as part of a larger conversation about the way type affects our lives. The film is an exploration […]

The Collision of Two Tendencies

Hannah, bless her heart, happened to quote something from The Little Prince that spoke to me, and created an hour of research unrelated to any of my pressing commitments. The dominant idea in the story of The Little Prince is to be found, of course, in chapter XXI, in which the little prince meets, tames, […]

What a Weekend is For

Leaving work early on Friday and stocking in enough food to avoid going back into town. Going for a walk and checking out the waterfall down the road for the first time this year. Champaign aperitifs. Cooking easy suppers. Red wine. Listening to music. Enjoying wonderful company. Waking up early and cooking good breakfasts. Chocolate. […]

Bogus Mail List Data

Today in the mail I received three identical computer catalogs from Hewlett-Packard (Holliston, MA office). The interesting thing was the people they were addressed to: * Ms. Roxanne Waldner, Executive Director * Mr. Bill Bitzer, Executive Director * Ms. Beth A. Milardo, Manager So? Well, I don’t have any employees, first of all. But those […]

Creating and Destroying Mutual Understanding

Daniel O’Connor has a brilliant post over at Catalaxis called The Political Economics of Stephen Colbert. In simplest terms, when we communicate we tend to at least implicitly, if not explicitly, raise a set of three distinct validity claims regarding what is true, what is right, and what is sincere. When either one of us […]

Small-Scale Music Marketing

Last weekend I recorded my friend Chris and his band, testing out the new gadget. I sat in the second row and held the recorder in my hand on my thigh. Considering the situation, the recording is surprisingly good. I gave Chris copies of the audio and the .wav file, and encouraged him to post […]

Cancer Sucks

Got into town at 7:15 AM, ready for my super-productive day. Energized, upbeat, focused. Saw a friend drinking coffee on a bench on Main Street and stopped to talk. “How are you?,” I asked. “I never know how to answer,” he said. “Yeah, I know, me too,” I said. He asked, “Do you want the […]

Campion Wine

Backup brain: Recommended by Fred Wilson.

The Stages of Giving

A very nice summary over at GiftHub of the stages of giving The stages are given in the businesslike language of money and accounting, but they seem to also articulate a kind of personal journey to self-mastery, wisdom and serenity. Phil is a philanthropy advisor for a major financial services company, and a great guy […]


At 5:10 AM it’s 79 degrees. Wha? Forecast is for 97 degrees and thunderstorms, read: air as thick and close and humid as you can imagine. Welcome to August. This morning’s wake-up fun was to attempt killing a bee’s nest under a deck chair. They say to do this at night or early morning, “when […]

The Difference a “..” Makes

Unbelievably crazy-busy day. At one point in the morning, Adrian was working on a website redesign, Marty was starting the v4.1 SFTP programming, Anne was catching me up on her sales work and the plan for August, and I’m thinking, “It used to be that I came to this office and it was mine alone […]

The Difference An Hour Makes

The problem with 1:00 PM meetings is that if you spill something while eating lunch there’s no time to recover. If the meeting is at 2:00 you can run to the men’s store and buy new clothes. At 1:00 you just have to live with it. Really puts a lot of pressure on food selection […]

A Cooperative Solution

An excellent 3,300 word article in Strategy + Business on the cooperative advantage. A very good read. Cooperatives are often assumed to be merely local affiliations of small and midsized companies, and therefore limited in scope and reach. But their deep roots in their countries of origin — as well as their surprising pervasiveness and […]