What a Weekend is For

Leaving work early on Friday and stocking in enough food to avoid going back into town. Going for a walk and checking out the waterfall down the road for the first time this year. Champaign aperitifs. Cooking easy suppers. Red wine. Listening to music. Enjoying wonderful company. Waking up early and cooking good breakfasts. Chocolate. More music. Cleaning the grill. Long showers. Taking naps. Cooking yummy dinners. A good Merlot. Going to bed early. Waking up late. Having leftovers for breakfast. Visiting the neighbors and their barn, seeing the pigs, the goats, the horses, and the barn swallows just hours before fledgling. Walking through dew-dropped fields. Daytime skinny-dipping in the pond. Smiling through water droplets in the yellow sun of the blue sky. Late lunches. More chocolate. More naps. Discovering that both good restaurants in Claremont are closed Sunday and Monday. More red wine. Sitting on the deck with a bug-protecting light wind, watching the sunset. Late suppers. Good conversations. Self-reflection. Sharing. Exploring. Waking up to a quiet Monday rain and beginning the transition back to the work week.