My Life at Work

* Would it be possible to have the h3 pick up the correct “subhead” style from the div id=”centerwrap” directly? That is, it would be nice if the user didn’t have to enter the class in the edit block. We use the Markdown processor, so typically the user would start an h3 line with “###” and it would generate the h3 tags for them. But we can’t specify css classes that way. If the h3’s inside the centerwrap div got the class styling automatically (via a css selector) it would be mondo cool.
* Likewise with the h2 class=movedot. Can this get picked up from the expTeaseWrap div? Generally speaking, we try to minimize class specs so editors don’t have to worry about them. However, the “followme” class and the “last” class and the ones in the nav and such are fine because editors don’t edit those ones.
From Open Space and World Café to Perl and CSS. No wonder I have a headache.