Election Protection

Real-time tracking the election disruptions.

EIRS or the Election Incident Reporting System is a sophisticated voting incident tracking system that will be an invaluable tool for Election Protection coalition partners and the public on Election Day and beyond. Voting problems reported through the Voter Hotline (1-866-OUR-VOTE) by coalition members or by poll watchers involved in the Election Protection program will be entered into the system for analysis during and after Election Day.

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Also, Talking Points Memo is keeping tabs on vote disruption stories. Example:

Just in case you’re keeping tabs, I wanted to tell you that my wife tried to vote in our precinct in Tampa and was not on the list. After several tries to find out why, she was told that the voter database was “cleaned” and there must have been a mistake. I’m trying to find out who “cleaned” it.

When you hear the media talk about “get out the vote” operations, what you should hear is “shut down the vote” tactics.
I’ll say it again, if we really care about free and fair elections, then the first place to start is 1) federal regulations on the number of voting machines per capita, per polling district; and 2) uniform poll hours.
At this point, we’re in a pretend democracy, kinda the way “reality TV” is real life.