Keep An Eye On the Situation

CNN: Bonds rally on election bets: Market surges on hopes of fiscal discipline created by Democrat-controlled Congress; dollar mixed.
via Talking Points Memo, who’s doing a great job covering the election tampering…

From the GOP handbook of Maryland politics:
(1) Recruit homeless men in Philadelphia;
(2) Bus them into Maryland;
(3) Arrange for the Republican governor’s wife to greet them upon their arrival;
(4) Outfit them in hats and T-shirts for the governor’s re-election campaign;
(5) Have them pass out flyers in heavily Democratic areas that erroneously identify the GOP candidates for governor and U.S. senator as “Democrats.”

…and voter intimidation:

Over at TPMMuckraker, Justin has an interview with a poll watcher in Arizona who reports that a trio of men–one with a firearm visible–are harrassing Hispanic voters at a polling station in Tuscon. The poll watcher is a member of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund. The group has notified the Department of Justice and the FBI and were told by the feds–get this–to keep an eye on the situation.

Yup, that’s how broken it is.