Social Web Hits The Election Cycle

Great post over at Bokardo Social Web Design, altering us that Hillary Clinton is using Yahoo answers to gather the prol’s thoughts on health-care reform.

One, Clinton is actually asking the American people what they think, rather than assuming or generalizing from the party she’s a part of. (this doesn’t mean she’ll listen, but it’s a start)

Two, Clinton is using Yahoo Answers, a publicly-accessible social software app to ask the question. In the past year Yahoo Answers has been a runaway success for Yahoo, racking up millions of users.

Three, in just two days there are over 35,000 answers!.

Sure, it could be a publicity stunt, but that will be self-limiting in the long-run.
Then again, here’s Kos’ take on Hillary and her netroots support in general:

Here’s what I think — Hillary has no interest in truly making up ground in the netroots. Rather, she sees it as a place to make a good show, and then sell that to the traditional media. It’s her campaign’s version of “Shock and Awe”. Lots of noise. Lots of flashing lights. Lots of smoke. But it’s all for show.

In a straw poll taken after Hillary’s announcement, she got 4% of the vote, with Obama at 28% and Edwards at 35%. For my money, it’s an Edwards/Obama ticket, and they will kick some serious butt.
Okay, enough with the trivial politics.