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Introducing Handmeon

Okay, enough with the hints. In January I started a new company with two co-founders, and today we released the second major revision to our first product, Handmeon. To quote some draft marketing material: Handmeon turns giving into a shared creative experience. Inspired by ancient circles of exchange, Handmeon lets people create renewable resources of […]

Idiomatic Learning

Link for the day: Learn English Today. Example: Like a dog with two tails. [N.B. Highly irritating javascript window resizing on that site. Very 1994.]

Yo! This is not cool. WTF.

I woke up about 40 minutes after falling asleep, hearing what I thought was a big moth banging against the window screen trying to get in. It went on long enough that I grabbed my flashlight to see what it was. When I turned it on, something whizzed by my head, and I realized the […]


Our project went live an hour ago. I’ll tell you all about it in a couple of weeks, after vacations. For now, just marking the date.

Raising Frame at Faerie Camp Destiny

I am in awe of this side project Matt is doing. It’s all there, design discussions, preliminary renderings of the frame, photos from logging and clearing, and today, this fantastic human-powered frame-raising movie. (4:00)

Delete and Design

So today Jeff came in for a meeting and after we settled in I asked him, “Should we try to do anything about the Explore page, or just wait until after launch?” Jeff said (I paraphrase), “That tour page has got to go.” We then launched into an hour-long discussion, starting with the presumption of […]

Bunny Emoticons

“they’re out of control.”  

This Explains Everything

Well, all those IE problems are a lot clearer now. via cboone.