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Unbroken Chain Conference

I am so registered for this.

Beauty parlor’s filled with sailors…

…the circus is in town. We had The Big Debate here in the hood last night. Good video summary at TPM. Complete with our own freedom pens and everything! It was also the first day of classes, which combined with the media tents, temporary air conditioning, security presence, and pedestrian jostling to wake the whole […]

Leading with love, not fear

The mayor of San Diego struggles with gay marriage, and does the right thing. I read the brief speech yesterday, but the power of watching him speak, tearfully, brings some hope to my cynical perspective of today’s politics.


What an interesting idea: Read books in small daily chunks by email or RSS. I’ve subscribed to Pride and Prejudice, and scheduled the 149 parts to be delivered at 7:30 pm each weekday day. Free!

3 links…

…on the Iraq situation. 1. Conservative commentator Andrew Sullivan, The Atlantic. 2. Law professor and Harvard Fellow Oliver Goodenough , Rutland Herald. 3. Software entrepreneur Dave Winer, Scripting News. Bonus link: New York reporter Mark Shenk, Bloomberg.

Apple’s .plan

In Unix culture there is the idea of the “.plan” (dot-plan) file. It lives in the user’s home directory, and is a place to write updates about your life or work. It pre-dates blogging and Twitter by nearly a hundred years, but was typically updated much less frequently than either. The id software founder and […]