Beauty parlor’s filled with sailors…

the circus is in town.
We had The Big Debate here in the hood last night. Good video summary at TPM.




Complete with our own freedom pens and everything!
It was also the first day of classes, which combined with the media tents, temporary air conditioning, security presence, and pedestrian jostling to wake the whole town up from its summer slumber like some sort of cheery post-hangover alarm clock.
My favorite quote though, came from the private air services firm at the local airport:

As of 5 p.m., Barack Obama had the biggest jet on the tarmac, a Gulfstream II. John Edwards had a Hawker jet on hand. And U.S. Sens. Joe Biden and Chris Dodd flew together from Washington, D.C., in a King Air twin engine plane. Hillary Clinton’s plane was due to arrive closer to the 9 p.m. debate.

Ray Reed, a veteran customer service representative for Signal Aviation at the West Lebanon airport, said the lineup of incoming planes were “comparable to any big weekend” at Dartmouth, such as parents weekend.

Gotta love that. These big-shot politicos are no match for Dartmouth parents’ airplanes!
Bonus link: Singles will check out eligible candidates at Obama rally