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Halloween Costumes Based on Bob Dylan Lyrics

Brilliant. My favorites are “Einstein disguised as Robin Hood,” and the “Preacher with 20 lbs of headlines stapled to his chest.” Though I suppose “Man in the long black coat” has some appeal for lazy simplicity…

Ricoh GR II

Well here’s a nice material thing to lust over.

Letter from Steve

As usual, John Siracusa wrote the definitive review of the new Mac OS (Leopard). Upon reading about the continued slide into foolishness that is today’s Finder, I sent the following email to Steve Jobs’ public email address: Hi, Please hire John Siracusa to lead the conceptual design of the next Finder revision. It’s worth […]

Handmeon RSS

Handmeon now has an RSS feed. It’s a pretty interesting view into the site. Have a look and check out the diverse topics our early users are engaging.

A Better Clock Radio

Have you noticed how bad most clock radios are? Here is a product that virtually every person in the industrialized world uses every day – twice, actually; once to set the alarm and once to wake up – and nearly everything about clock radios is horrible. Setting the alarm is nutso stoopid or hard. Some […]

Branding is Dead, part XCMXLLIV

I was thinking today that one reason branding was so important in the industrial age is that there were so many players in the chain. If you had any hope of having your “message” reach the end-user, you had to line it all up clear as a bell. And industrial organizations were so big, too. […]

What many people criticize

Adam Nagourney at the New York Times on NH’s independent voters: As a rule, they are middle and upper income, college educated, socially moderate, fiscally conservative, anti-Washington and repulsed by what many people criticize as the overly partisan atmosphere there. This is the first article I’ve read with any analysis that comes even close to […]