Letter from Steve

As usual, John Siracusa wrote the definitive review of the new Mac OS (Leopard). Upon reading about the continued slide into foolishness that is today’s Finder, I sent the following email to Steve Jobs’ public email address:

Please hire John Siracusa to lead the conceptual design of the next Finder revision.
It’s worth reading the section “An application divided against itself” in detail, with an open mind.
Michael J.

I received this response from The Man himself:

This person feels strongly about one way of doing things. Others feel strongly about doing them another way. You can’t please all the people all the time, but we try our best.

I replied:

Realizing you don’t have time to dialogue on this, I’d just point out that he presents an approach that would allow the current Finder evolution to continue, and still allow a more spatial approach as well. His views have evolved as has OSX. In any case, thanks for the response; Apple rocks, mostly.

And Steve said:

We think we have a much better approach.

So there you have it. Maybe the Leopard Finder is awesome.