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On Politics

Worth it: Kennedy Endorsements of Barack Obama (42 min, and worth it) The Billary Road to Republican Victory Races Entering Complex Phase Over Delegates In Open Nomination, ‘Superdelegates’ May Hold Key to Victory Clinton’s Camp Seeks Gentler Role for Ex-President Changing The Rules TPMtv: Sunday Show Clinton Pile-On (Snark alert)

A Way To Live

A life. Some projects. A very thoughtful five-minute “game.” (Read the creator’s statement.) If you want, you can support this life. Update: I didn’t know it at the time I wrote this, but the Wall Street Journal covered the game in today’s issue.

iPhone Guitar

More hacking from today’s youth: Hacking the iPhone to make it into a guitar. Amazing. Feeling very middle-aged this morning.

Head-Tracking VR with Wii Remote

Super-duper video (5:00) of Carnegie-Mellon student Johnny Lee demonstrating how to hack the Wii remote and sensor bar to demonstrate 3D images from a television screen. Very clear presentation, with several opportunities to say, “Wow!” Really geeky cool. Good job, Johnny Lee.

Bill Clinton uncut

A fascinating CNN video of Bill Clinton, running nearly five minutes, uncut. The reporter asks him a question, and he just goes on and on, and on. He’s pissed, but he smiles, and talks and rebuts, and all in all gets down and does some hard-core political jiving. This video supports my long-held belief that […]

On Twitter

rentzsch: yay morphed a client meeting into client work-time. “Nothing new to talk about, how about I just keep working?” “Sure.” I love sane clients I never understood Twitter. I checked it out way back when, probably around when it first started, readin’ the blogs and all, and I just didn’t get it. “Okay, you’re […]

On Brazil

When I was at the Unbroken Chain conference someone brought up the movie Brazil and when they learned I hadn’t seen it the whole room became animated with encouragement: “Oh man! You have to check it out! Wow, never seen Brazil… Dude, it’s awesome, you won’t believe it.” Well, okay then. We watched it last […]

Running Out of Ideas?

Amusing one-line review of Handmeon, pointing to the Boston Globe article: is a cool idea, perhaps showing that Web 2.0 entrepreneurs may be running out of ideas. Well, I laughed out loud. He goes on to say, “Actually, I do think it’s a pretty interesting social experiment.” Thanks Pito, for taking a look.

In Praise of Melancholy

The Chronicle: Ours are ominous times. We are on the verge of eroding away our ozone layer. Within decades we could face major oceanic flooding. We are close to annihilating hundreds of exquisite animal species. Soon our forests will be as bland as pavement. Moreover, we now find ourselves on the verge of a new […]

Technolust, defined

Macbook Air

FDA Says Food From Cloned Animals Is Safe

NY Times: After years of debate, the Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday declared that food from cloned animals and their progeny is safe, removing the last government hurdle before meat and milk derived from copies of prize dairy cows and superior hogs can be sold at grocery stores. Tuesday’s decision means cloning technology could […]

The Game Was Completely Up

The Economist: In 2006 EMI, the world’s fourth-biggest recorded-music company, invited some teenagers into its headquarters in London to talk to its top managers about their listening habits. At the end of the session the EMI bosses thanked them for their comments and told them to help themselves to a big pile of CDs sitting […]


Oh well. It’s not over yet. About the polls: IMHO “Strategic” voting doesn’t work. Vote for who you want to win. Trying to game the system always fails. Net-net: The Republicans are relieved, they might get to run against Clinton in the fall. She would lose in a Clinton vs. McCain contest. Finally, they didn’t […]

My Home Town

Could Be Game Over

Hillary Clinton sez: Dr. King’s dream began to be realized when President Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act,” Mrs. Clinton said […]. “It took a president to get it done.” And a commenter at Andrew Sullivan’s responds: That’s right. It wasn’t the courage of King and local Montgomery residents standing up to legalized white supremacy […]

Emotive Politics Mediascape

Beyond his policy positions and rhetorical mad skillz, Barack Obama is setting a new standard for excellence in mass communication propaganda. Go to Barack TV and check out the “Generation Obama” video. It’s just under 15 min long, documentary style, and a fascinating example of aspirational politics. * It opens with organizing a student meeting, […]

On The Obama Iowa Win

Nine percentage points. That’s a strength you can’t overlook. Look at the diversity in the slices: * Obama beat Clinton among women 35% to 30% * Obama beat Edwards among voters in union households 30%-24% * Obama beat Clinton and Edwards among voters of almost every income level (Obama and Clinton tied among voters who […]

Real-Time Democracy

C-span live at an Iowa caucus! It’s amazing, watching people stand up, hold their hands up, count up a number, point to the next person to count, and drop their hands. Riveting, truly. Update, from NY Times 7:54 p.m. | Our colleague Ashley Parker, who is in Des Moines at the Plymouth Congregational Church, Precinct […]

Handmeon Update

Here’s a status (promotional) update (flogging) on (of) my project (startup) to change the world, Handmeon. We got great press during the holiday season, including the Boston Globe, Vermont Public Radio, Seven Days, and the Valley News (broken link; left here for posterity). Jeff had an epiphanette while in dialogue at which we’re discussing […]

Iowa Caucus Closers

I had my hair cut today, and the stylist told me she supported Barack Obama in the NH primary. We chatted about that, and I asked her if she had considered Hillary Clinton. She said, “Well, it’s funny, because when I first heard she was running I got really excited. People came into the salon […]