Iowa Caucus Closers

I had my hair cut today, and the stylist told me she supported Barack Obama in the NH primary. We chatted about that, and I asked her if she had considered Hillary Clinton. She said, “Well, it’s funny, because when I first heard she was running I got really excited. People came into the salon and we would talk about it — a woman president! Sometimes, I would close my eyes, and just imagine what it would be like, what it would mean, to have a woman president. And I would just feel great — [she relaxes and collapses her shoulders, rolling her eyes up all aflutter, as if in a dreamy dream] — and then I would open my eyes and it would be Hillary, you know? And I just got sick to my stomach, thinking, ‘I’d have to listen to that woman for the next eight years.’ It was like, ‘no way.'”
In honor of Lisa, here’s Hillary’s closing TV ad for the Iowa caucus:

And here’s Barack Obama’s:How about this Obama propaganda ? Marching music? Check. Aspirational imagery? Check. Oratorical escalation? Check. (Still, I’m voting for the guy.)

John McCain is the only credible Republican nominee: