On Brazil

When I was at the Unbroken Chain conference someone brought up the movie Brazil and when they learned I hadn’t seen it the whole room became animated with encouragement: “Oh man! You have to check it out! Wow, never seen Brazil… Dude, it’s awesome, you won’t believe it.”
Well, okay then. We watched it last night. What struck me was the similarity to the Bush administration. Even Wikipedia alludes to it:

Brazil’s bureaucratic, totalitarian government is reminiscent of the British government depicted in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, except that it has a buffoonish, slap-stick quality totally lacking in that particular novel.

Certainly the most unusual movie I’ve seen in a good long time. A more engaging plot – in fact, discernible – than Eraserhead. For cinematographic scope, Prosper’s Books was probably stronger. If those two didn’t throw you off, you’ll enjoy Brazil.