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Economics Worldview Today

Credit cards are as dangerous as they are convenient Economics of the Macropocalypse Home to house Will the center hold? Why the Fed is compelled to lie to Congress

Strategic Wasteland

Huffingtonpost: Now, however, as Obama has gained steadily in the polls, the Clinton campaign has reversed field. Top Clinton aides are pleading with uncommitted super delegates to hold off making any commitments, fearful that any commitments they make would be to back Obama, not Clinton. In language that could have been lifted from the Obama […]


Texas A & M students shut down a major highway as they march seven miles from campus to vote, where the Republican political machine had located the polls. I love YouTube.

And Then Came New Hampshire…

The maker of that video has a new project alive. You can add your own photo to the montage of video. Very innovative. And beautiful heartfelt text on the Creators page. Bravo.

iPod Makes the NordicTrack Just Barely Tolerable

Headline says it all.

Your Links For The Day

Ms. Pac Man: Feminist Hero Call him Doctor ‘Orgasmatron’

Programmatic Color Palettes From Images

You may recall that I wrote a Ruby program about nine months ago to programmatically generate a color palette. In that version, I manually measured the colors from an image on screen, and typed them into a text file, and the program generated color squares from the text file. When I finished I wanted to […]

Leopard Might Be Ready

When Betalogue says Mac OS X 10.5.2 is a very good release, it may be ready to use. So, it’s not all rosy and there is of course still plenty of room for improvement. Still, I must say that the combination of the improvements that Mac OS X 10.5 brought (particularly in Spotlight and Safari) […]

The Point and Pixish

The Point looks really interesting. The Point is a social platform for people to solve problems they can’t solve alone. Start an ultimatum, fundraiser, or social contract. Whatever the cause, use a campaign to bring it to the tipping point. Also, beautiful minimalist design. Bonus link: Pixish, Visual Assignments For Creative People. Less beautiful design, […]

Just Three Words

I’ve watched this video called a few times today, and lol each time (1:40). Very amusing guys, thanks. It’s in response to, and generously parody’s, the Yes We Can video from that appeared last week (4:26).

Blueprint for Change

A lot of people say, “I don’t know what Barack Obama stands for; he’s all vague and lofty and aspirational. What are his actual policies?” Well, he’s got this thing called a website, maybe you’ve seen one? Even better, here’s a 64-page pdf you can download and print out and read in the water closet […]

Lessig on Obama

Wonderful passionate 20 min presentation by Stanford’s Lawrence Lessig on why he supports Obama. So I want you to shut your eyes and imagine what it will seem like to a young man in Iraq or in Iran, who wakes up on January 21st, 2009, and sees the picture of this man as the president […]

Clinton’s Feminism

NY Times: Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton had a teary-eyed moment on the campaign trail today during a nostalgic visit to Yale, where she graduated from law school nearly 35 years ago. […] Mrs. Clinton, looking teary, raised her left hand to her cheek and brushed something away with her finger. Wow, teary-eyed, the very day […]

Thanks Bro

Got a helpful Twitter tweet from my brother last night: @notio: Super Bowl is starting. Just wanted to make sure you know what the rest of the country is doing right now. Thanks bro – I had a head’s up from Fake Steve on Friday… I noticed that many of the proles seemed to be […]

Fully Immersed in Something

For when you truly have money to burn, Ultra Geeky Home Cinemas. Instead, perhaps consider this? (All 4:21 are worth it, lyrics and images.)

Jeffrey Hart???

I find it unbelievable that Jeffrey Hart and I are on the same side of any issue, ever. Thus is the power of Barack Obama’s political campaign. Amazing.