Moving On

A smart take on the super-delgates:

Superdelegates can worry about the party, or they can preen and carry on about the importance of their role. They can’t do both. The only thing the Clinton and Obama campaigns agree on is that neither can secure the nomination with pledged delegates alone. So the uncommitted superdelegates wringing their hands in the Times are the same ones who will ultimately decide the nominee. Why wait until August? If they truly cared about ending the primary, they could do so in a matter of days or weeks. All they need to do is declare their allegiance now.

If all the 352 uncommitted superdelegates (CNN’s number) chose Obama, he’d have 1970 delegates and need 55 more to secure the nomination. Slate’s Delegate Counter says he could draw a paltry 35 percent of the vote in Pennsylvania and still secure that many. Once superdelegates declared, the race would be over, and the remaining primaries a mere formality. The party could focus on John McCain. The same holds true for Clinton. If the uncommitteds swung her way, she’d have 1,831 delegates to Obama’s 1,618. She’d need only reasonable showings through May 6th to cross the delegate finish-line.

The story is quoteing the Sunday NY Times piece, which certainly left a bad taste in this household when we read it that morning.