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RIP Albert Hofmann

At 102.


Most wonderful new Internet toy, twistori.

US politics snapshot, all you need to know edition

Henninger/Wall Street Journal Halperin/Time/CNN Sullivan/Atlantic Drew/Politico Ambinder/Atlantic

Quote of the Day

Scott Heriferman: “Sadly, no time to really get into Twitter. For me, to stay healthy AND lead a needed meme (meetup to go from 5M to 500M people, ~$10M to $100M+ rev, and 20K to 200K successful meetup groups), can’t get sucked in.”

Revolution Fashion Show 2008

Saturday we went to the Revolution Fashion show in White River Junction (VT). I brought the new camera, and I learned a lot about using it. Witness the top 30. I made 300 photos, culled 100 that were junk, and tried to select the top 30 to tell a story through the titles. Tech details: […]

Thriving Office

The Sounds of Success: Home businesses know they must seem successful to become successful. So they play Thriving Office while on the phone. This valuable CD, which is filled with the sounds people expect to hear from an established company, provides instant credibility. It’s amazing what the world has come to.

Shine A Light

Martin Scorsese has a new film opening tonight, a musical documentary on the Rolling Stones, filmed in 2006, called Shine A Light. It’s big news in the Intertubes Classic Rock spaces. Here’s the trailer (2:44): And here’s Jumpin’ Jack Flash, the (complete) first song from the movie (4:10): What strikes me most is how healthy […]