Revolution Fashion Show 2008

Saturday we went to the Revolution Fashion show in White River Junction (VT). I brought the new camera, and I learned a lot about using it. Witness the top 30. I made 300 photos, culled 100 that were junk, and tried to select the top 30 to tell a story through the titles.
Tech details: Nikon D300 w/Sigma 30mm/1.4 lens, @ ISO 3,200 without flash. For the runway show, I used Aperture mode, set at f1.4. For the dancing I used Shutter mode at 1/60. On the runway I was a lot happier once I figured out center-weighted metering. The matrix metering was blowing out the highlights, and the spot meter was hit or miss on the moving target. Auto-focus was set to dynamic AF (21 points) continuous, and that worked really well. Active D-Lighting was set to ‘normal,’ which is supposed to bring the highlights down and the shadows up at the sensor, prior to recording.
I should say I’m not entirely pleased with the quality, especially of the skin tones. But, it was dark in there, and the stage lights were bright, and I was the only person shooting without a flash. And, I’m learning!