Yglesias and Ambinder and sometimes Klein

Now that the election is over, my main two politics blogs (i.e. daily) are Matt Yglesias and Marc Ambinder.
Yglesias came out of Harvard in 2002/3(?), did a stint at Talking Points, then the Atlantic, now at Think Progress. I like his focus on policy implications, with a snarky style that suits me.
Ambinder is a reporter at the Atlantic, with good sources and clear analysis. He’s more of a “what’s really going on” guy, which fits my insider identity. ;)
I still read Sullivan, but he’s best when he’s got a bone to pick, and after dispensing with Clinton, McCain, and Palin it will be a while before there’s an opposing force of requisite magnitude…. (Although Rick Warren is taking the bait this week.)
I also kind of like Ezra Klein, who has a focus on healthcare. He’s a little more rambling, and topically kind of all over the map, even for a blog, but worth checking maybe weekly, because when he’s got it he’s really got it. I actually really like his attitude; I can’t really place why he’s not a daily skim.
It’s amazing how much time I reclaimed after the election. Some days I must have been spending three or four hours a day reading politics. I’m rationalizing that it was all part of raising the energetic vibration to get Obama elected….