Archives for January 2009

Facilitating Online Identity Management

Companies should make identity management easy within their online services. Specifically, it’s becoming more and more desirable to have a “split my identity” feature. For example, I have a Twitter account. Turns out I like Twitter. (It wasn’t always the case.) Eventually I want to split my twitter stream into a personal stream and a […]

Link Love

Shout out to the The Macalope, who noted Notio’s comment over at Megan McCardle‘s place, regarding her annoying Apple commentary. I had left an earlier comment, suggesting she use Daring Fireball as a primary source, but it didn’t make it through moderation. I was just connecting the dots between the Macalope nomination for Michael Wolff […]

Economics Blogs

I gave a talk to a local business group about blogs, Twitter, social media and all that, and one of the participants emailed asking for blog recommendations to learn more about economics. Here’s what I suggested. I think Umair Haque is by far the most interesting ‘business strategy’ writer right now. Strategy has to take […]

Introduction to Grateful Dead

So, you have a new friend, and one day she says, “You should burn me a Grateful Dead CD because I’m really not familiar with anything they’ve done.” You say, “Sure,” and a few minutes later your head explodes as you reel from the possibilities. It takes a week of full-time leisure-thought to sort it […]

Stop Counting Calories!

It’s amazing!! Did you know salad has almost no calories!?! But a bacon cheeseburger with fries and a coke is nearly a whole day’s calorie budget! You can eat as many carrots as you want! – they’re like free food calorie-wise. But ice creme, whoa! – smaller portions, please. And then, exercise: If I did […]