Sexual Orientation

Parents: Are you concerned about your teenager’s understanding of sex and sexual activity? Do they know about “the birds and the bees” but you’re not sure if they know “how to do it?” If they are doing it are they getting as much as they possibly can from the experience? Would you like their first […]

Psychological Skeleton Key

While Michael J. ate some lunch and Mr. Charlie mumbled about music and elastic time, I rooted around for a book I wanted to mention. “In Over Our Heads; The Mental Demands of Modern Life” by Robert Kegan (Harvard) is an important scholarly psychology book. It is a model of adult development that posits an […]


Funny that Michael J. should invite me today to join in the Notio Experience. I’ve been thinking recently about personification and its value in psychological health. Intentional personification stands in stark contrast to the harsh black and white world of the fundamentalists. While our loved ones may know that we have “moods” or “phases” most […]