For anyone who wonders what it’s like to go to a large rock and roll festival these days – not a corporate branded affair, but a middle-of-nowhere major-committment visionquest TREK, you could do a lot worse than to spend half an hour at: This is a day-by-day journal by a local resident of Coventry, […]

Free: 4-drawer file cabinet

Free to a good home: Heavy-duty steel grey 4-drawer file cabinet. FREE! Built to 1950’s era mil-spec quality. All drawers operate on full-length rails. A couple of vintage music-oriented bumper stickers grace the sides. This cabinet has a storied history, which, in a desperate act of ‘first workday of the new year’ procrastination I will […]

That’s Mr. Aurora Borealis to you

Whoa! NASA Aurora photo gallery. Hey, this is a pretty good reason to pay taxes! Who else is going to collect this artwork. Via Doc Searls.

Should exist

Now that I’m totally addicted to the iTunes music store, what should exist is the ability to buy a PDF of the sheet music of any song in the catalog. I just re-discovered “Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy” (Elton John). What a seminal musical experience for me. Brings back the memories, I tell […]

Onsale 9 AM

turned the corner on the park and there were like 40 people on the steps of the opera house. thinking quickly i grabbed my cell phone figuring that if the line moved slowly i’d call from the line and it might be faster. almost got hit by a car crossing the road. not really, but […]

Begin with the end in mind

Michael J. is trying to hustle us out the door but the most amazing psycho-musical event just occurred and I had to report. Chill out dude, what’s the rush? Grateful Dead, Fox Theater, Atlanta GA, May 19, 1977, second set: An eleven minute Terrapin followed by an eleven minute Playin’. They’re drifting around the cosmos, […]


Notio is having a Team-Building Company Retreat this weekend. Myself, Dr. van der Meer, Michael J., and the other Senior Executives of Notio Experience are headed to a small island on a small lake, sans electricity, telephone or running water. We expect to have bonding experiences and perhaps some imbibing indulgences, and return home Sunday […]

Mobile Psychoacoustics Lab

So, the Mr. Charliemobile had to go into the shop today. At the end of the day I got a ride from the shop’s driver, Sam. Sam’s job is to drive around all day, carrying people from the shop to their work and then from their work back to the shop. He uses a cell […]

Comes A Time

From day to day just letting it ride you get so far away from how it feels inside You can’t let go cause you’re afraid to fall till the day may come when you can’t feel at all Comes a time when the blind man takes your hand says: don’t you see? got to make […]

Dick’s Picks 29

Dude, 1977 was a good year for the Grateful Dead, and they’ve just released two complete concerts on six CDs — Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA (May 19, 1977) and Lakeland Civic Center Arena, Lakeland, FL (May 21, 1977). Check it out. Some fantastic music. I received my discs last week and I’m still digesting them, […]