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Teenar, Girl Guitar


I Can’t Help It, If I’m Lucky

Just quoting a lyric from the weekend, no hidden meaning. Someone’s got it in for me, they’re planting stories in the press Whoever it is I wish they’d cut it out but when they will I can only guess. They say I shot a man named Gray and took his wife to Italy, She inherited […]

One Bank, One Card

Here’s a new video for all you U2 fans: One (4:49). Spoiler: Corporate execs wearing ties in a typical hotel conference room co-opting the song with celebration lyrics of their merger. Funny. Sick. Unbelievable. Horrible. Capital-C Culture.

Does the News Matter?

Aaron Swartz speaks for me: But finally, I’d like to argue that following the news isn’t just a waste of time, it’s actively unhealthy. Edward Tufte notes that when he used to read the New York Times in the morning, it scrambled his brain with so many different topics that he couldn’t get any real […]

Speaking of the Onion

Hadn’t checked in with them in a while. Christian Rock Band Cleans Up Hotel Room: Hotel staff at the Highway 82 Best Western found the suite occupied over the weekend by members of the Christian rock band Ruggid Krøss swept, dusted, scrubbed, and readied for immediate occupancy. Area Man Going To Go Ahead And Consider […]

The Tao of Holding Space

Chris Corrigan has posted a great book connecting the Tao Te Ching and Open Space: It is a collection of interpretations of the 81 short chapters of the Chinese classic Tao te Ching as they apply to my experience of holding space. I started this book three years ago, when I began noting parallels between […]

Obesity, Diet, and Activity

Hood Center: Children with TVs in their bedroom are significantly more likely to be overweight than children who do not have a TV in their bedroom. [ My friend Scott Chesnut created and produced the design for this site. ]


The New Yorker reports on this year’s Gadgetoff event: When asked what he planned to do with his three and a half minutes, he said, “I’m going to demonstrate how you can transfer data faster with snails than with broadband.” Then he showed a slide of a snail hitched to a tiny chariot with DVDs […]

Rosanne Cash

Saw Rosanne Cash Saturday night at Dartmouth. Fourth row center. Amazing performer. Amazing band. Much more transformative than Amiee Mann a week earlier. Rosanne is Johnny Cash‘s daughter by his first wife (Vivian Liberto, not June Carter Cash). Cash’s husband, John Leventhal, was the guitarist, and my comment after the show was, “Watching him made […]

The iPod Suit

From Eleksen, the iPod suit: The Bagir suit jacket integrates Eleksen’s ElekTex® smart fabric touchpad technology, which transforms a lapel into a five-button electronic control panel. The ElekTex-enabled iPod Suit is both fashionable and functional. The suit is machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant, making it the ideal choice for today’s music-savvy and style conscious business professionals. My […]

Life of Matt

My friend Matt Bucy leads an interesting life (cf Tip Top Building). He has two blogs—here’s a recent excerpt from each: lukoil faggot at aloofdork if i had been with a group of gay men i’m sure there’d have been a lot of cat calling and name calling right back at him. but it was […]

Crony Capitalism at it’s Finest

Industry Note: The Rot at the Core, Special Disney Crony Capitalism Edition Of course, neither move – coypright extensions or side payments to politicians in the form of propaganda – are in the least good for the economy, because they destroy more value than they create, through the stifling of potential innovation, competition, and new […]

From the Mailbag

Subject: Get a Diploma without the hassle! Good day Notio!! There are no called for tests, classes, books, or interviews ! Fetch a Bachelors, Masters, MBA, and Doctorate (PhD) diploma. Have the earnings and approval that comes with a diploma ! No person is passed by Anonymity ensured Buzz Us Tonight +1 (270) 818 72 […]

Engrossment’s That Are Not Even Their Own

Excerpt from On the Shortness of Life: You really must leave the ground and turn your mind’s eye upon these things! Now while the blood is hot, we must enter with brisk step upon the better course. In this kind of life there awaits much that is good to know—the love and practice of the […]

Complex Problem Solving

Very interesting diagram of complex problem solving processes. Mousing over almost anything brings up more depth. Rewards exploration at the expense of obscuring details.

The Business Card Menger Sponge

If you had 66,000 business cards sitting around, what would you do with them? Make a Menger sponge? Wow, me too! The primary goal of the Business Card Menger Sponge Project was to build a depth 3 approximation to Menger’s Sponge as shown above, out of 66,048 business cards. This can be done by building […]

TMI: Kundalini

Sanatan Society: Kundalini Yoga: The roused Kundalini energy moves upwards in the central nadi, the Sushumna, passing through each of the lower chakras to reach the seventh, the Sahasrara Chakra. This process is known in Kundalini Yoga as the piercing of the chakras and represents the merging of the female with the male. Kundalaini Teacher: […]

NPR Tufte Interview

Six-minute NPR interview with Edward Tufte.

Is Psychoanalysis Elitist?

Was digging around the unblogged writing archives, and found this half-formed thought from July 22, 2003. A comment has been raised that psychoanalysis is the most narcissistic and elitist of pursuits. I’m beginning to wonder if “elitist” is like “affirmative action” – defined on the fly to suit and argument or perspective. Sure, rich people […]