Handmeon RSS

Handmeon now has an RSS feed. It’s a pretty interesting view into the site. Have a look and check out the diverse topics our early users are engaging.

Beauty parlor’s filled with sailors…

…the circus is in town. We had The Big Debate here in the hood last night. Good video summary at TPM. Complete with our own freedom pens and everything! It was also the first day of classes, which combined with the media tents, temporary air conditioning, security presence, and pedestrian jostling to wake the whole […]

Introducing Handmeon

Okay, enough with the hints. In January I started a new company with two co-founders, and today we released the second major revision to our first product, Handmeon. To quote some draft marketing material: Handmeon turns giving into a shared creative experience. Inspired by ancient circles of exchange, Handmeon lets people create renewable resources of […]

Yo! This is not cool. WTF.

I woke up about 40 minutes after falling asleep, hearing what I thought was a big moth banging against the window screen trying to get in. It went on long enough that I grabbed my flashlight to see what it was. When I turned it on, something whizzed by my head, and I realized the […]


Our project went live an hour ago. I’ll tell you all about it in a couple of weeks, after vacations. For now, just marking the date.

Delete and Design

So today Jeff came in for a meeting and after we settled in I asked him, “Should we try to do anything about the Explore page, or just wait until after launch?” Jeff said (I paraphrase), “That tour page has got to go.” We then launched into an hour-long discussion, starting with the presumption of […]

Sticker Bumpkins

About three months ago, I saw that Don had an Obama bumper sticker on his car, and I said, “I want one of those.” So I went to the website, and much to my surprise, there was no way to buy a bumper sticker. No swag at all. Crazy. I decided to send them a […]

Making Happy

via Chris Glass: From Stefan Sagmeister’s presentation at TED: Complaining is silly. Either act or forget. Thinking life will be better in the future is stupid. I have to live now. Being not truthful works against me. Helping other people helps me. Organizing a charity group is surprisingly easy. Everything I do always comes back […]


On Friday night, I, along with nearly 4,000 other people, walked barefoot over 12 feet of hot burning coals. At least 1,200 degrees. About eight or ten steps. Barefoot. It’s quite an experience. You can imagine the legal disclaimer (edited for brevity): In consideration of my participation in the seminar I agree to release and […]

Keith’s Song

When I first arrived at Top of The Hop for book group he was playing the piano, and I paused at the top of the stairs. He continued playing, but asked, “Too loud?” And I said, “No, beautiful.” There was another guy standing near him, and I thought maybe they were playing together, or studying […]

Not Yet Within Range

For some reason, I am now craving a Leica M8 digital rangefinder camera, with the 16-18-21mm, the 28-35-50mm, and the 90mm lenses. This is absurd, since that would be about $15,000 in camera equipment, well outside not only my budget, but also my socio-economic caste.

Happy New Year

2006 was a forest fire. 2007 is the re-seeding. Welcome to the future.

Strong Medicine

Between the rampant consumerism, the killing carried out in the name of God, and your everyday garden-variety family dynamics, it takes a heckofalotof positive, weird, and funky energy to keep the cultural balance this time of year. In an attempt to stay sane, the past three days I’ve deep-listened to: * Frank Zappa’s, We’re Only […]

Coop Holiday Shopping

I went to the Coop at 1:30 PM today, three shopping days before Christmas, and the first day off of work for most people. I knew it would be a scene, but it was such a scene I got a photo pass from the store manager and took a few shots. When you arrive and […]

Monday Blues

Observe the following: 1. It’s 40 degrees F outside. 2. I’m wearing a t-shirt, a flannel shirt, a wool sweater, and a ski jacket. 3. I’m freezing, my sore throat is a lot worse today than yesterday, and I can’t tell if my muscles ache or if it’s tension because I’m cold. Ugg, I hope […]

What’s Up

The reason for so little blogging lately.

The World Standard in Studless Winter Tyres

Glen said, “The ultimate winter weapon is still the Hakk 2’s with studs, but if you don’t want to run the studs with the noise and the rolling resistance and everything, then the RSi is what people are talking about.” Better than the Hakk 2’s? “Without the studs; With the studs, Hakk 2’s are what […]

Dear Boloco

Quality control in Hanover has GOT to improve. Today: Regular teriaki with chicken. $6.25 They forgot the chicken. Then realized that this is normally $5.25 if memory serves. Last visit: Ordered extra chicken. Got normal amount of chicken. This is the sort of thing where it’s way too much of a hassle to go back […]

Have You Made Any Meaning Today

Reported at check-in: “I tried to make some meaning from yesterday’s meeting….”

Autumn Beauty

Saturday was a stunning late-fall New Hampshire day. We went for another 14-mile bike ride on the rail trail. Bridge Over the Water The ride includes several bridges over the Mascoma River, vehicle gates, dark forest, traveling past open green fields, under an Interstate highway, next to the Mascoma Lake for quite a while, through […]