The Present

From Saturday’s yoga class: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift we call the present.”

My Life at Work

Excerpt: * Would it be possible to have the h3 pick up the correct “subhead” style from the div id=”centerwrap” directly? That is, it would be nice if the user didn’t have to enter the class in the edit block. We use the Markdown processor, so typically the user would start an h3 line with […]


How the ISFP sees Self * Very affirming. * Sympathetic and trusting. * Good communicator especially where values and ideals are involved. * Hard working and practical. How Others see the ISFP * Difficult to negotiate with. * Won’t follow divorce laws or is naive about what actual law is. * Not serious enough about […]

Rosanne Cash

Saw Rosanne Cash Saturday night at Dartmouth. Fourth row center. Amazing performer. Amazing band. Much more transformative than Amiee Mann a week earlier. Rosanne is Johnny Cash‘s daughter by his first wife (Vivian Liberto, not June Carter Cash). Cash’s husband, John Leventhal, was the guitarist, and my comment after the show was, “Watching him made […]


I just asked my office-mate: “Addled; is that a word? I just wrote ‘my addled brain,’ is that the right usage?” He replied, “Yes.” F12 to the dictionary: addle |ˈadl| verb [ trans. ] chiefly humorous make unable to think clearly; confuse : being in love must have addled your brain. adjective archaic (of an […]

The Harder They Come

But I’ll keep on fighting for the things I want Though I know that when you’re dead you can’t But I’d rather be a free man in my grave Then living as a puppet or a slave Garcia has a great version from 1978 in commercial release.

It Will Become Impossible Not to Speak the Truth

Scheherazade on blogging (reposted in full): I got an email from someone today who started blogging because of stumbling across this blog. I wrote back to her, and said this: I do think that if you blog, honestly, for six months, it will change your life. I’m not sure why, exactly, but it will. I […]


Yesterday I stood on the deck and watched the wind blow the leaves off the weak trees. Some of the remaining leaves are turning color, and the nights are crisp and cool. In two weekends my nephew will visit for annual apple picking. The driveway is covered with pine needles. My neighbor mowed the field […]

En Route

Email banter plus blogging, a deadly blow to productivity. Let’s go to lunch.

The Power of Mental Models

My friend Peter Pruyn sent this recently: The best advice I ever got was from an elephant trainer in the jungle outside Bangalore. I was doing a hike through the jungle as a tourist. I saw these large elephants tethered to a small stake. I asked him, ‘How can you keep such a large elephant […]

Best Seminar Chair, 2006

I sat in these chairs 32 hours last week. I would not want to work full-time in this chair, but it is, by far, the best seminar or workshop chair I have ever experienced. Very comfortable. They deserve an award for designing a chair that fits the body, and Ford deserves an award for purchasing […]

Social Capital

I’m at a SoL meeting with about 60 people. About 20 of them are in my consulting convergence group, and we’re meeting as a sub-group frequently throughout the four days. The schedule is fairly grueling for white-collar types, mostly 8 AM to 8 or 9 PM every day. Tonight was the ‘open’ night, where we […]

Detroit, Motor City

Arrived at Detroit airport yesterday and called the hotel. “How do I get to you?” “Okay, you take the south exit of the airport, get onto route blah, go 8.8 miles and take exit blahblah,….” I interrupted: “I’m not renting a car. Is there any public transportation?” “Oh. Well, I think there are cabs somewhere […]

Help On The Way

Tell me the cost, I can pay, Let me go, Tell me love is not lost, Sell everything, Without love, day to day, insanity is king

Word of the Day

Petoskey Stone: A Petoskey stone is a rock, often pebble-shaped, that is composed of a fossilized coral, Hexagonaria percarinata. The stones were formed as a result of glaciation, in which sheets of ice plucked stones from the bedrock, grinding off their rough edges and depositing them in the northwestern portion of Michigan’s lower peninsula. The […]

On Waking Up Fearful

There are, at least, two primary kinds of fear. The first is internal. Say, I’m late on some client work. Generally I can use internal fear as a motivator – I get up wicked early and crank on the to-do list. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed and waste some time mentally spinning with no results, but usually […]

Engrossment’s That Are Not Even Their Own

Excerpt from On the Shortness of Life: You really must leave the ground and turn your mind’s eye upon these things! Now while the blood is hot, we must enter with brisk step upon the better course. In this kind of life there awaits much that is good to know—the love and practice of the […]

Symbolic Interaction

Last night a friend called via cell phone from Michigan between sets at a concert. Cell phones suck. The microphones pick up a lot of background noise, there are frequently echos on one side or the other, there are subtle time delays that make it hard to tell when someone has stopped speaking, and the […]


My email inbox count is now zero. That’s right, zero email messages in my inbox. Once more, with feeling: ZEEEEEEROOOOOO!!! Praise the lord and pass the chocolate. It has been years, possibly ten years, since the inbox was completely empty. Typically on a major cleanup I can get it down to 15 or so. This […]

IRS Installment Plans

In case you ever find yourself owing the IRS $12,363, here is what you need to know about payment plans and interest rates. IRS-PUB, 2005, IRS Publication No. 910, An Installment Plan to Pay Your Taxes If you are not able to pay all your federal taxes by the due date, a monthly payment plan […]