The day there was no news

At least I can dream…


Gwad, I loved the Spirograph.

Pioneers vs Feudalists

Fascinating 1982 essay by Jim Bowery. Pioneers want to be left alone to do their work and enjoy its fruits. Feudalists say “no man is an island” and feel the pioneer is a “hick” or worse, an escapist. Feudalists view themselves as lords and pioneers as serfs. Pioneers view feudalists as either irrelevant or as […]

Hubris, Denial, and the Financial Services Culture

Interesting behind the scenes report of the Milken Conference and pervasive “Republican/Chicago School of Economics ideology” in the face of a looming great depression. via John Robb.

RIP Albert Hofmann

At 102.


Most wonderful new Internet toy, twistori.

US politics snapshot, all you need to know edition

Henninger/Wall Street Journal Halperin/Time/CNN Sullivan/Atlantic Drew/Politico Ambinder/Atlantic

Quote of the Day

Scott Heriferman: “Sadly, no time to really get into Twitter. For me, to stay healthy AND lead a needed meme (meetup to go from 5M to 500M people, ~$10M to $100M+ rev, and 20K to 200K successful meetup groups), can’t get sucked in.”

Thriving Office

The Sounds of Success: Home businesses know they must seem successful to become successful. So they play Thriving Office while on the phone. This valuable CD, which is filled with the sounds people expect to hear from an established company, provides instant credibility. It’s amazing what the world has come to.

Shine A Light

Martin Scorsese has a new film opening tonight, a musical documentary on the Rolling Stones, filmed in 2006, called Shine A Light. It’s big news in the Intertubes Classic Rock spaces. Here’s the trailer (2:44): And here’s Jumpin’ Jack Flash, the (complete) first song from the movie (4:10): What strikes me most is how healthy […]

Job Market 2009

Job Market 2009 (1:28)

They showed me the Craigslist printout

Seattle Times A pair of hoax ads on Craigslist cost an Oregon man much of what he owned. The ads popped up Saturday afternoon, saying the owner of a Jacksonville home was forced to leave the area suddenly and his belongings, including a horse, were free for the taking, said Jackson County sheriff’s Detective Sgt. […]

Moving On

A smart take on the super-delgates: Superdelegates can worry about the party, or they can preen and carry on about the importance of their role. They can’t do both. The only thing the Clinton and Obama campaigns agree on is that neither can secure the nomination with pledged delegates alone. So the uncommitted superdelegates wringing […]

You Can’t Be Serious

From the middle section of a longer interview with the rapper DMX: Are you following the presidential race? Not at all. You’re not? You know there’s a Black guy running, Barack Obama and then there’s Hillary Clinton. His name is Barack?! Barack Obama, yeah. Barack?! Barack. What the fuck is a Barack?! Barack Obama. Where […]

A Call for Journalistic Courage

Important essay by Walter Pincus on the role of the press in a free society: Today’s mainstream print and electronic media want to be neutral, unbiased and objective, presenting both or all sides as if they were on the sidelines refereeing a game in which only the players—the government and its opponents—can participate. They have […]

U23D at IMAX

One good thing about living in the society of the spectacle is that every once in a while it produces something truly mind-blowing. In this case, a U2 concert movie filmed in a new 3D technology, playing on the huge IMAX screens. Unbelievably good. The experience is nothing like previous 3D movies. This is absolutely […]

Olbermann Goes Off On Clinton

OMG awesome liberal screed against racism being promulgated by the Clinton campaign. Ten minutes of literate rage like you haven’t ever seen on TV. Finally, someone with a pulpit speaks the truth.

Copying Makes Evolution Possible

Susan Blackmore in Wired: The whole idea of a meme is that it’s information that is copied with variation and selection. So any idea that is copied from person to person is a meme. But an idea that you think up for yourself and is not expressed is not a meme. The emphasis has to […]

Economics Worldview Today

Credit cards are as dangerous as they are convenient Economics of the Macropocalypse Home to house Will the center hold? Why the Fed is compelled to lie to Congress

Strategic Wasteland

Huffingtonpost: Now, however, as Obama has gained steadily in the polls, the Clinton campaign has reversed field. Top Clinton aides are pleading with uncommitted super delegates to hold off making any commitments, fearful that any commitments they make would be to back Obama, not Clinton. In language that could have been lifted from the Obama […]