I have wanted something like this for years. (Horrible website alert.)

Continuing Examples of Music Industry Stupidity

This is worth a lengthy quote: NY Times: Now the Music Industry Wants Guitarists to Stop Sharing Lauren Keiser, president of the Music Publishers’ Association, says guitar tablature Web sites reduce the earnings of songwriters. In the last few months, trade groups representing music publishers have used the threat of copyright lawsuits to shut down […]

What Is Lingr?

Coming soon… Now live: “Lingr is the place for chat on the web. That’s it, seriously- nothing could be simpler.”

Declaring First Use

I want to take this moment to claim first use and moral rights on the following trademarks. * Governance for Design and Technology™ * Feed-Forward Governance™ * Strategic Website Leadership™ * People, Process, and Positive Feedback™ * Feed-Forward Methods for People and Process™ * Proportional Budget Matrix™ * Factor-Based Peer Review™ * Weighted-Factor Competitive Review™ […]

Small-Scale Music Marketing

Last weekend I recorded my friend Chris and his band, testing out the new gadget. I sat in the second row and held the recorder in my hand on my thigh. Considering the situation, the recording is surprisingly good. I gave Chris copies of the audio and the .wav file, and encouraged him to post […]

A Cooperative Solution

An excellent 3,300 word article in Strategy + Business on the cooperative advantage. A very good read. Cooperatives are often assumed to be merely local affiliations of small and midsized companies, and therefore limited in scope and reach. But their deep roots in their countries of origin — as well as their surprising pervasiveness and […]

RMA Please

Dear Andrew, I’d like an RMA to return the microphone stand purchased on order #L23298760, invoice #6098612. The reason for the return is that the metal boom of the stand, when delivered, had two stickers on it, put there by the manufacturer. One was a white paper UPC bar code sticker. The other was a […]

Tesla Roadster

Now here’s an electric car worth waiting for. Lots of new here. It will be sold over the web starting next summer. According to their blog they have engaged Lotus for key contract engineering skills.


On Thursday I picked up the guitar for the first time since at least January. The last time I had callouses on my fingertips was at least a year ago. Around that time I had wanted to build a positive feedback loop with my playing, and rented a gadget that connected to the computer to […]

Perfect Music Marketing

This whole weblog thing is pretty amazing. I wrote that post the other day on finding music – it was a toss-off, essentially, a cool service that made me think about how I used to find music and how much harder it is now (for me). Then, in the comments, this: Hello Michael J. I […]

Finding Music

Finding enjoyable new music is hard. [Is that “is” of predication or “is” of identity?] Radio gave up the ghost years ago due to industry consolidation. Now all we have on the dial are programmed playlists driven by payola. I can drive for hours and hear the same manufactured songs over and over regardless of […]

Strategy is a Commodity

Umair on strategy and creativity: In a world where strategy is a commodity, creativity becomes the vital factor from which value flows. When everyone can think strategically about everything, the locus of value creation shifts from out-thinking everyone to out-creating them. The prime mover of value creation becomes putting the ability to create (goods, services, […]

Examples of Categories

Art: Leonard Cohen and Sonny Rollins on live TV. (Thanks Jon.) Commerce: Do Patents Encourage or Stifle Innovation? Culture: On media elitism and the “derivative” myth Technology: On playing with my Holux GPS unit… Cool: Velcro Being Pulled Apart

Make Something People Want

I hesitate to point to every Paul Graham essay that comes along, but these links are useful for future research. Excerpts: The idea of building something popular then figuring out how to make money from it was born in the Bubble. It sounds irresponsible, but it works. Requiring founders to have a carefully worked out […]

Nano-Enabled Advances

Email from Amazon alerted me to this new book: Nanotechnology Applications And Markets, by Lawrence Gasman, $79. Discover nanotech opportunities the smart way with the first “down to business” market analysis that separates commercial reality from hype and gives you the tools you need to forecast nanotech’s impact on any company. This professional-level book spotlights […]

Should Exist

A craigslist for op-ed. Talk about a flow machine.

Internet Economics 2006

Would you like to tune into a wavelength describing state-of-the-art Internet business models? If so, Jason Calacanis has what you want. You see, Battelle’s model is predicated on Rafat and Om deciding to stay in phase two or keep their relationship with Federated in phase three–which they are obviously not willing to do. That’s why […]

The World Now Has a Lot More State

Another good Paul Graham essay, recently delivered at RailsConf. Almost everyone makes the mistake of treating ideas as if they were indications of character rather than talent– as if having a stupid idea made you stupid. There’s a huge weight of tradition advising us to play it safe. “Even a fool is thought wise if […]

Will Desktop Affordances be Useful?

Computer technology demos are always interesting, but sometimes you wonder if it would actually be useful in real life. And the opposite is true: Blogging doesn’t demo well, people have a hard time understanding why, but it turns out to be valuable. This week’s impressive demo is BumpTop, showing “physically-based casual interfaces and pen-centric interactions.” […]

Finally, an Innovation in Newspapers

Great idea from Guardian called G24: …which allows readers to download and print out a rolling version of the newspaper that is updated every 15 minutes. G24 is an eight- to 12-page PDF covering either general news, international news, economics, sport or media stories. The new product is aimed at the lunchtime and evening commuter […]