Moveable Type 3.2

What the heck, I thought. I updated the weblog publishing software to version 3.2 this morning. The docs are much better than the last version, about which I complained. But the upgrade script hung on the MT::Entries table, and after an hour I ran it again. It skipped all that and seemed to complete okay. […]

Notio Redesigned, Again

That habit of mine struck again. Every time I get overloaded with work I add on an unrelated diversion, such as reading ten books, throwing a family party, buying a new camera, or redesigning my weblog. Sometimes, like this week, all of them all at once. I had two goals for redesigning Notio. First, to […]

Updating Weblog Archives

This morning I’m reorganizing my weblog. Deleting categories, reorganizing entries, changing archive URLs. I’ve probably broken most inbound permalinks to the site, but it had to be done at some point and I decided “the sooner the better.” If you want to see if your links to me are broken, here’s an advanced Google query […]