Liquid Layouts

So the new liquid layout for Notio may have some bugs yet to uncover, but the basics are working pretty well. My brother was visiting this weekend, and he has a Treo 650 smart phone. This thing has a web browser with maybe 240 pixels of width. Amazingly, he had a “three-bar” Cingular signal at […]

Moveable Type 3.2

What the heck, I thought. I updated the weblog publishing software to version 3.2 this morning. The docs are much better than the last version, about which I complained. But the upgrade script hung on the MT::Entries table, and after an hour I ran it again. It skipped all that and seemed to complete okay. […]

Notio Redesigned, Again

That habit of mine struck again. Every time I get overloaded with work I add on an unrelated diversion, such as reading ten books, throwing a family party, buying a new camera, or redesigning my weblog. Sometimes, like this week, all of them all at once. I had two goals for redesigning Notio. First, to […]

Evolution of an idea

Back in the day, memepool was one of my very favorite websites. It was more or less anonymous, had a biting wit, posted very unusual links, and updated frequently so it made for a good daily browse. It was just a guy or two, sharing their cool links with whoever found them. The design remains […]

Any Questions?

jumping_in = { ‘bandwagon’ => ‘true’ ‘initial_impression’ => ‘good’ ‘brain_candy’ => ‘yum’ ‘project_ideas’ => ‘too_many’ ‘time_for_this’ => ‘false’ }

Messing with fonts

Yesterday I used FontDoctor to clean up my fonts. I think I checked a few too many options, because today I’m getting screens that look like this: Looks like a blog, doesn’t it? I wonder what it says…. I guess I’ll be testing the quality and reliability of my backups today. [Update: Backups are good! […]

For Typographers Only

If you want to have multiple paragraph bullets with correct left-justify formatting, you have to use a soft return. That means in order to get the correct paragraph spacing the “bullets” style should be set for a “space before” and not a “space after.” Someday I should make a decision matrix of what kinds of […]

Entertainment ruminations

World of Warcraft, the “subscription-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game,” by Blizzard Entertainment, now has 2 million subscribers. Each player has purchased the CD-ROM for $49.99. In addition, there are three monthly payment plans: The month-to-month subscription plan costs $14.99 per month, the three-month plan costs $13.99 per month, and the six-month plan costs $12.99 […]

Later in life

There’s some sort of bit flipped in my computer. Every time a context-sensitive tool-tip is supposed to pop up, I instead get a tool-tip that says “later in life.” I mean, okay, it’s funny for a while, but then it gets to be weird. And then, even typing this entry, meta-recursive-like, see above. I mean, […]

Appropriate Automation

Last night MacFLAC 2.1.2 (OS X) was choking on filenames of this form: dmb2005-06-01.akg483.v3.d1t01.flac I suspected the additional dots in the filename were the problem, and there were 19 files to fix. Should I do it manually? Nah, let’s learn something instead. I fired up the new Apple “Automator” application for the very first time, […]