Photos of Cuba

Hannah has posted her photos from Cuba. I’m waiting to hear the whole story – I thought it was illegal to visit Cuba, or something. Maybe W made an exception? In any case, they’re great photos! Update: More photos from someone else on the trip.

Let’s Talk About the Weather

Or, better, let’s bitch about it. We owe it to ourselves – it’s February, and it’s 45 degrees again. If it had been below freezing yesterday we would have two feet of new snow. Instead, inches of rain. My dirt road is a real mess, and when I go out to see friends tonight I’m […]

First Impressions of Europe

There are many interesting aspects of this first trip to Europe that caught my eye. Many would be worth elaborating on, but probably i won’t have time and the following annotated list will have to do. * Cool small cars of Europe. Why can’t we get some of these in America? There are so many […]

Today’s News

The short version: 1. Lynne has arrived. 2. Over a dozen new photos loaded onto Flickr. 3. The Internet connection at the new hotel is terrible, making more than brief interactions smash-things frustrating. Monday is more Vienna, Tuesday is an 8-hour train to Strasburg France.