Synchronicity Abounds

Very synchronous day. Examples:
Thought about this idea “folksonomy” that’s all the rage, and thought I should write it up for Pat. (And will post here when I get around to it.)
Decided to leave home early and stop at the Lebanon Coop for a Nibby Bar chocolate treat before my 4.5 hours of meetings (including working lunch). Saw Lynne’s car in the parking lot, found her at the checkout, and she had – for no reason – bought two Nibby Bars. “You want one?” Yeah.
Just then ran into Pat; introduced her to Lynne.
Meg and I had three one-hour project kick-off meetings with stakeholders plus a working lunch. Luckily we much enjoy working together. I think we were both somewhat overwhelmed with info intake (typical project startup) and needed assimilation time afterwards. Not that either one of us got any – after almost five uninterrupted hours on a project, there’s a lot of email and response-mode catch-up.
Seems like another synchronous event happened during the day, but I don’t seem to remember it right now.
On the way home, stopped at Hanover Coop. Ran into Meg, with whom I had worked virtually all day, and who’s office is next door to the Lebanon Coop. Very unusual that either one of us would be in the Hanover store just after work. She had finished her class (new tonight) and I happened to know that the Lebanon store was out of Green & Black’s 70% Dark (review). So there we were, and there you go.
Randomly checked my spam folder and found important Coop business there – Don’s new email wasn’t in the whitelist.
Decided I hadn’t heard enough music this week and rooted around the CD collection for something I hadn’t heard in a while. Pulled out Jane Sibery’s “The Walking,” but just then saw Paul Simon’s “You’re The One,” which is now playing instead. Wow – I forgot how beautiful this album is. Simple love songs, disappointment, stories, jokes. It’s been a few years since I’ve heard this, and it’s just wonderful. Full of love and life. Very highly recommended.