New site design, new blogging engine. I miss blogging, and the old site was long in the tooth. Here’s to a new dawn of old-school, occasional, personal, blog-style blogs.


Since I’m under deadline, I’m messing around with my weblog configuration. Weblog commenting is totally broken. I just deleted 5,835 junk comments, all spammed since Thanksgiving. Then I went into the approved comments and find that there are 3,300 of them, when in fact only between 300 and 800 are valid. So I’ll have to […]

And Good Ones Too

Doug is back from vacation and has commented on many posts. Always appreciated.

Narrative Selection Bias™

Doug and I had an interesting exchange in the comments that’s worth bringing to the front page. I pulled a quote from a blog post and out of context the quote had a different meaning. A reader could get the wrong idea. So this is a formal disclosure statement that Notio is extremely biased. I […]

Best Comment Spam Ever

Love this: “There seems to be a problem adding comments. I tried three times.” Yes, Trevor, when you’re commenting on posts that are two years old, the spam filter shuts you out for moderation. When I go to the moderation page and I see that you’re posting a lot of crap to a lot of […]

N-Dimensional Web 2.0

Many people are trying to define “Web 2.0” – what it is, what it means, how to build Web 2.0 apps, what makes a company a Web 2.0 company, etc. All of those efforts fall short, because Web 2.0 is n-dimensional. Web 2.0 is “reflecting more complex multivariable situations.1” Today I learned of a new […]

From The Mailbag

Another classic: Dear notio.com, My name is Chris, and I manage a web site about “Stretch mark” at: [URL removed]. [Holy crap. You wouldn’t believe how many ads come up if you Google that!] I recently found your site http://www.notio.com by searching Google for “Stretch mark treatments”. I think our websites have a similar theme, […]

Mail Bombed

Notio is getting emailed bombed, or something. In the last couple of hours I’ve received over a thousand emails like this: From: Philomena Astle (Every return address is different.) Subject: Re: POtharamacy news (Lots of variations on this.) Hi, Do you want to j O l V f E d R r P k A […]

Notio on Technorati

I haven’t visited the blog search engine Technorati in a dog’s age. They had some serious scaling issues a year or two ago, and it was just useless. I don’t know why I went to visit yesterday, but the results surprised me. First of all, they hired a designer, thank god. Second, it was essentially […]

Advertising on Notio

Well, I have to make a decision: Hi Michael, Thank you for your prompt reply. I represent the CPays.com affiliate program. We promote 16 online gambling brands. I would like to advertise at least one of our gambling brands on your website – either with a text link or banner. We can sort out a […]

Recent Email

We get letters: Subject: Regarding your website (www.notio.com) I would like to advertise at your website. Please get back to me ASAP, I really want to close a deal today. (Name, company, and email withheld, though it does appear to be from an advertising firm.) My response: Sure, anything’s possible. What did you have in […]

No Comments Yet?

Whenever I post at Notio, (using MarsEdit, natch) I visit the website to verify that it’s on the air. For some reason, every time, I say to myself, “No comments yet?” Is that crazy or what? Talk about narcissism. The post has been alive for less than ten seconds and I’m wondering where the comments […]

Update on Blog Comments

My aggressive approach to comment spam is having some short-term side effects. There have been a few comments this week that have been snagged by the filter, and I had to tell it to “trust this commenter” and to mark it as “not junk.” Then the comments get posted. Hopefully if this happens to you […]

Feeback to Notio

Email from Chris: Subject: Your post Chris: Wow. You topped yourself. ;) Notio: Uh, which one? I’ve been a little over the top in general…. Chris: The one that wasn’t english. With all the abbreviations. That you edited today, perhaps for clarity, though I couldn’t tell… ;) Notio: Blame it on the cookies! Chris: Seriously, […]

Webloging With MarsEdit

I mentioned this briefly back in October 2004, but if you are publishing a weblog and still using the browser for writing and editing, and you’re on an OS X Mac, you should really check out MarsEdit. It’s more like an email client, and provides lots of features – like a spell-checker, easy tagging, a […]

Comments Back On

I just went through 4,349 weblog comments here at Notio World Headquarters, and approximately 4,100 of them were junk. Then, after I hit the delete button, the cgi process at pair.com timed-out, crashing half-way through. So there are 2,166 left to go through again. Joy. So I’ve temporarily turned off comments until I can figure […]

Circular Cluelessness

It must be time to go to sleep. I just surfed over to Notio, and wondered why it hadn’t been updated today. Then I realized, duh, it’s my blog, and I’m the only one who’s going to post there. As they say in Maine, “Wicked.” Maybe I’ll post tomorrow.

Photo Overload

Since I last posted any photos to Flickr, I have taken nearly 500 new shots, but I haven’t had time to sort or select any for upload. Maybe on the train to Paris Friday morning. If not, I fear it will await the weekend when I return.

A Note on the Photos

Just FYI: The photos I’m posting to Flickr are essentially straight from the camera. I’m re-sizing them to 800px wide, but I’m not straightening perspective or anything else. Anything I print gets a deeper treatment, but the Flickr uploads are the snapshots.

Liquid Layouts

So the new liquid layout for Notio may have some bugs yet to uncover, but the basics are working pretty well. My brother was visiting this weekend, and he has a Treo 650 smart phone. This thing has a web browser with maybe 240 pixels of width. Amazingly, he had a “three-bar” Cingular signal at […]