State of the Backups

In the past few weeks a couple of folks have asked what I’m doing for data backups. Here’s the story. First, I bought a ReadyNAS NVX with RAID, so I could stop worrying about a single hard drive crash ($1,400). This was more money than I wanted to spend right now, but it forms the […]

Apple WWDC 2009

If you read my post last year and want to make plans, here’s the link.

Mostly Twittering

Thoughts are shorter-form these days. Twitter is a good place to follow me. Example: New Macbook video: Awesome emo marketing, utter techporn, richly deserves to be parodied. So there’s that….

Up and Out (1:40)

Hot Dating Tip [SF, CA, USA]

It’s sweeping generalizations day at Notio! I guess it’s kind of a semi-secret, but once you crack the code, dating geeks is a really good move. Granted, the male/female ratio is unbalanced – but generally, if you’re a woman and you’re looking for a guy, you could do a heck of a lot worse than […]

Pioneers vs Feudalists

Fascinating 1982 essay by Jim Bowery. Pioneers want to be left alone to do their work and enjoy its fruits. Feudalists say “no man is an island” and feel the pioneer is a “hick” or worse, an escapist. Feudalists view themselves as lords and pioneers as serfs. Pioneers view feudalists as either irrelevant or as […]


WinXP (hello, ActiveX) & IE7 (welcome, Acrobat Reader 8.1.2) running Online Quickbooks, via Parallels and Mac OS X running on a MacBook Pro, prints checks no problem on the HP color laser connected via JetDirect and Ethernet. Astounding.

Power of the Internet, Part MMMXXCLLVI

Question at Has any one else expeienced the following and if so, how did you correct? I was shooting martial arts yesterday inside against a back drop. Camera was set at ISO of 1250, aperture priority at F2.8 1/640 in Raw, no flash, used continuous lighting. I was shooting high speed (CH – 6FPS). […]

U23D at IMAX

One good thing about living in the society of the spectacle is that every once in a while it produces something truly mind-blowing. In this case, a U2 concert movie filmed in a new 3D technology, playing on the huge IMAX screens. Unbelievably good. The experience is nothing like previous 3D movies. This is absolutely […]

Fully Immersed in Something

For when you truly have money to burn, Ultra Geeky Home Cinemas. Instead, perhaps consider this? (All 4:21 are worth it, lyrics and images.)

iPhone Guitar

More hacking from today’s youth: Hacking the iPhone to make it into a guitar. Amazing. Feeling very middle-aged this morning.

Head-Tracking VR with Wii Remote

Super-duper video (5:00) of Carnegie-Mellon student Johnny Lee demonstrating how to hack the Wii remote and sensor bar to demonstrate 3D images from a television screen. Very clear presentation, with several opportunities to say, “Wow!” Really geeky cool. Good job, Johnny Lee.

On Twitter

rentzsch: yay morphed a client meeting into client work-time. “Nothing new to talk about, how about I just keep working?” “Sure.” I love sane clients I never understood Twitter. I checked it out way back when, probably around when it first started, readin’ the blogs and all, and I just didn’t get it. “Okay, you’re […]

Technolust, defined

Macbook Air

MBA in Guesswork

Good quote from a commencement speech by Bruce Eckel: Management is much harder than technology because it involves virtually no deterministic factors. It’s all guesswork, so if you don’t have good intuition you’ll probably make stupid decisions.

See Change, Part 1

I remember when I started wearing glasses, in third grade (1970). These days I think they test kids a lot younger, but back in the day that was the first test I took and I needed glasses pretty badly. I used to always sit in the last row of class, and on that first day […]

Not Yet Within Range

For some reason, I am now craving a Leica M8 digital rangefinder camera, with the 16-18-21mm, the 28-35-50mm, and the 90mm lenses. This is absurd, since that would be about $15,000 in camera equipment, well outside not only my budget, but also my socio-economic caste.

Stop Buying This Crap

Rant, defined.

Rapid Serial Visual Presentation

Reading this interview with Cory Doctorow (by RU Sirius, nonetheless), I discovered Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (of text). The speed-read shows you one word at a time, and it shows them at a speed that’s determined by a little slider. And it pauses a little after a comma, and longer after a period, and longer […]

Web 2.0 In Just Under 5 Minutes

Tour de force video explaining how Web 2.0 is changing the nature of online interaction.