From the Resumé

1980 – 1982, Audio Technician, Syracuse University Audio Services; WAER-FM. Recorded, edited, duplicated, and distributed academic and promotional audio recordings. Produced six 30-minute slide shows for Syracuse University Alumni Association. Hung around the 16-track studio and asked a lot of questions. Collaborated with the WAER-FM (student) Program Manager and Music Director on instigating technical and […]

What I Care About

Whole systems, over fragmented perspectives. Thoughtful proactivity, over snap responsiveness. Emergent mystery, over problems/solutions. Macro-structures, over micro-structures. Improvisation within structures, over command and control. Goals and outcomes, over deliverables and inputs. Leadership, over management. Creative and generative, over consumption and extraction. Expansion, over reduction. Love, over fear. Found this in a doc on my hard […]

Today’s Facebook Comment

“And on the PA in the Home there won’t be any Stones, or Dead, or Floyd, or Beach Boys, or Doors, or CSNY, or even any Steely Dan or ANYTHING like that — it’s gonna be Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett and Liberace, and Elton John if we’re LUCKY, looping like an infinite echo across […]

Learning to Divide

In November 1972 my family moved from CT to NH. I was 10, in the fifth grade. I liked reading and writing. Math wasn’t my best subject. So in sixth grade, when we got to fractions, no one was surprised that it was my worst subject. Fractions were hard, I hated doing them, and I […]

Backup Brain in Action

Some of my best work has been catalyzing and facilitating the efforts of others. Awesome cross-pollinator. Excelled in the “state-induction” crew role at Tony Robbins’ UPW. All-around technology / human experience geek. Hands-on or high-level.

iPad, Flash, HTML5, and F2F Social

Although I’m big into tech I’m not really much of an early adopter. I tend towards buying 2nd- or 3rd gen products right as they’re released. My theory is that this is the sweet spot for cost/benefit. The iPad is different. After watching the introduction video (twice) I couldn’t get it out of my head. […]

Morning Smoothie

The other day I mentioned my blender breakfast lifestyle and someone asked what exactly I’ve been putting in the BlendTec. Here’s the current recipe with a few options. Notes: When I say, “Tbs” I usually mean “heaping Tbs” – dump the stuff in there! If I use the “~” symbol it means I don’t measure […]

Cherry Table

Dear Friend, I have enclosed a photo of what I believe to be a cherry coffee table. It measures 2′ x 4′ x 17″H and is in very good – really quite close to excellent – condition. The table – it does not yet have a name – was given to us last year by […]

Introduction to Grateful Dead

So, you have a new friend, and one day she says, “You should burn me a Grateful Dead CD because I’m really not familiar with anything they’ve done.” You say, “Sure,” and a few minutes later your head explodes as you reel from the possibilities. It takes a week of full-time leisure-thought to sort it […]

Stop Counting Calories!

It’s amazing!! Did you know salad has almost no calories!?! But a bacon cheeseburger with fries and a coke is nearly a whole day’s calorie budget! You can eat as many carrots as you want! – they’re like free food calorie-wise. But ice creme, whoa! – smaller portions, please. And then, exercise: If I did […]

Labor Day Weekend (Four-Day Edition)

* A beautiful and easy hike in the White Mountains with a friend. * Sunburn. * Great dinner out with said friend and our partners. * Finally, a day to sleep in. * One electrical outlet added. * One closet light and switch removed. * The lawn mowed. * The dining room layout redesigned. * […]

Up and Out (1:40)

Approximately one in four odds, depending on your bias

Days can be characterized in one of four ways: Outstanding, Fine, Difficult, and Off.


WinXP (hello, ActiveX) & IE7 (welcome, Acrobat Reader 8.1.2) running Online Quickbooks, via Parallels and Mac OS X running on a MacBook Pro, prints checks no problem on the HP color laser connected via JetDirect and Ethernet. Astounding.

iPod Makes the NordicTrack Just Barely Tolerable

Headline says it all.

Thanks Bro

Got a helpful Twitter tweet from my brother last night: @notio: Super Bowl is starting. Just wanted to make sure you know what the rest of the country is doing right now. Thanks bro – I had a head’s up from Fake Steve on Friday… I noticed that many of the proles seemed to be […]

Running Out of Ideas?

Amusing one-line review of Handmeon, pointing to the Boston Globe article: is a cool idea, perhaps showing that Web 2.0 entrepreneurs may be running out of ideas. Well, I laughed out loud. He goes on to say, “Actually, I do think it’s a pretty interesting social experiment.” Thanks Pito, for taking a look.

Handmeon Update

Here’s a status (promotional) update (flogging) on (of) my project (startup) to change the world, Handmeon. We got great press during the holiday season, including the Boston Globe, Vermont Public Radio, Seven Days, and the Valley News (broken link; left here for posterity). Jeff had an epiphanette while in dialogue at which we’re discussing […]

See Change, Part 1

I remember when I started wearing glasses, in third grade (1970). These days I think they test kids a lot younger, but back in the day that was the first test I took and I needed glasses pretty badly. I used to always sit in the last row of class, and on that first day […]

Quote for the Day

“It is by deferring mediocre actions and by being utterly intent on foreseeing the unforeseeable that we prepare ourselves for being thoroughly contradicted by happiness.” —Gaston Bachelard, The Dialectic of Duration, pg 63. The Unbroken Chain blogging fiesta didn’t materialize (deferring mediocre actions), but it was a rilly rilly great weekend. I met some fine […]