Why not to burn bridges

Karlyn, via Twitter, asks: “why is it so important to not burn bridges when you’re leaving a job? especially if the person you’re burning it with already set it on fire”
1. There is no absolute truth.
2. Different people will have different views of a) What bridge-burning is; b) Whether one should burn bridges or not; c) Who is right; d) Who is wrong; e) Who “started it.”
3. Future a) Employers; b) Colleagues; c) Customers d) Friends; e) Lovers; will wonder what will happen to them in a possible future “falling out.”
4. Everyone reaps what they sow. No need to further the bad vibes.
Apparently they don’t teach much about human relations in MBA school. As if managing people were an insignificant part of the job. Not surprising given the quant focus in our business culture.
Just Another Datapoint for my theory that everyone should do four to eight years of weekly depth analysis starting a few years after college (or workforce entry). Would do a society good.