Hubbard and Shane: Misdirection or clueless?

I wrote a letter to the Public Editor of the New York Times. Hello, Funny thing I noticed in an article today: In the story, “Pre-9/11 Ties Haunt Saudis as New Accusations Surface” (, the authors write: “A search of news stories from that period turned up no references to a visit by the Saudi […]


It’s ironic that officials are giving classified information to journalists in an effort to discredit me for giving classified information to journalists. The difference is that I did so to inform the public about the government’s actions, and they’re doing so to misinform the public about mine. —Edward Snowden

What I Care About

Whole systems, over fragmented perspectives. Thoughtful proactivity, over snap responsiveness. Emergent mystery, over problems/solutions. Macro-structures, over micro-structures. Improvisation within structures, over command and control. Goals and outcomes, over deliverables and inputs. Leadership, over management. Creative and generative, over consumption and extraction. Expansion, over reduction. Love, over fear. Found this in a doc on my hard […]

Today’s Facebook Comment

“And on the PA in the Home there won’t be any Stones, or Dead, or Floyd, or Beach Boys, or Doors, or CSNY, or even any Steely Dan or ANYTHING like that — it’s gonna be Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett and Liberace, and Elton John if we’re LUCKY, looping like an infinite echo across […]

Recent Favorite Links

Probably best to open them all in tabs and browse around…. Great summary statement Really got me thinking Source documents (pdf) Breathtakingly good writing, a futuristic background Taking the other side Responding to Lanier Considering the 1971 decision Robert Baird bring in the Language poets Interesting comments from Zbigniew Brzezinski

iPad, Flash, HTML5, and F2F Social

Although I’m big into tech I’m not really much of an early adopter. I tend towards buying 2nd- or 3rd gen products right as they’re released. My theory is that this is the sweet spot for cost/benefit. The iPad is different. After watching the introduction video (twice) I couldn’t get it out of my head. […]

Co-ops, L3Cs, and Hybrid LLC/Co-ops

I wrote a comment to Don’s post, but it was too long for Blogger to accept…. I have a close friend who started one of the first VT L3Cs a couple of years ago, and his intent was to signal that they weren’t out to get rich but to do something interesting and useful that […]

Why not to burn bridges

Karlyn, via Twitter, asks: “why is it so important to not burn bridges when you’re leaving a job? especially if the person you’re burning it with already set it on fire” 1. There is no absolute truth. 2. Different people will have different views of a) What bridge-burning is; b) Whether one should burn bridges […]

Apple WWDC 2009

If you read my post last year and want to make plans, here’s the link.

The Twitter Inversion

Perhaps another time I could elaborate further on the profound nature of Twitter’s interaction model. There are flaws, but it’s wired us together in as many ways as there are participants. Today, by way of illustration, here is a screenshot view into a couple of minutes of my Twitter stream: The stream actually starts on […]

Patrick Byrne at Dartmouth Tuck School

Patrick Byrne visited Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business this evening. It was something of a local event, since Patrick and his father, Jack Byrne, both attended Dartmouth. The 90-minute format was was structured such that three ’09 Tuck students each asked a question and then the audience asked a bunch of questions. His answers were […]

Link Love

Shout out to the The Macalope, who noted Notio’s comment over at Megan McCardle‘s place, regarding her annoying Apple commentary. I had left an earlier comment, suggesting she use Daring Fireball as a primary source, but it didn’t make it through moderation. I was just connecting the dots between the Macalope nomination for Michael Wolff […]

Economics Blogs

I gave a talk to a local business group about blogs, Twitter, social media and all that, and one of the participants emailed asking for blog recommendations to learn more about economics. Here’s what I suggested. I think Umair Haque is by far the most interesting ‘business strategy’ writer right now. Strategy has to take […]

Yglesias and Ambinder and sometimes Klein

Now that the election is over, my main two politics blogs (i.e. daily) are Matt Yglesias and Marc Ambinder. Yglesias came out of Harvard in 2002/3(?), did a stint at Talking Points, then the Atlantic, now at Think Progress. I like his focus on policy implications, with a snarky style that suits me. Ambinder is […]

25 Seconds of Joy

Better to ignore than to critique

dayna boyd: “In an attention economy, it’s better to ignore than to critique.” I’m deeply disturbed by the proliferation of troll-like behavior in contemporary life. Why are public figures increasingly appearing whose whole identity is wrapped around driving others batty? Why does it seem as though more people are starting to write controversial books purely […]

Hot Dating Tip [SF, CA, USA]

It’s sweeping generalizations day at Notio! I guess it’s kind of a semi-secret, but once you crack the code, dating geeks is a really good move. Granted, the male/female ratio is unbalanced – but generally, if you’re a woman and you’re looking for a guy, you could do a heck of a lot worse than […]

Crusty old out-of-it white guy

History Train: “It really will say something about this country if Obama, with all his intellect, his verbal gifts and his strategic canniness, ends up losing to a crusty old out-of-it white guy who left his principles in the dumpster years ago and has nothing to offer this country but the chance for conservatives to […]

Obama’s Electoral Map

Must read for any political junkie. via Dave Winer

Summary of political pundantry today

In only four minutes! Matt Yglesias: “Conservative radio host Kevin James is on Hardball to call Barack Obama and appeaser, and Chris Matthews hits upon the nice idea of asking James to explain what it was that Chamberlain did wrong at Munich. As becomes apparent, James has no idea! He just likes to say “appeasement” […]