Business Strategies for Health and Nutrition Coaches

Between us, Kathryn and I know at least a dozen, maybe two dozen health and nutrition coaches. And some of them don’t have as many clients as they want. If that’s you or someone you know, read on for a few brainstormy thoughts I had on building your practice. Caveats: 1. Not everything will apply […]

Co-ops, L3Cs, and Hybrid LLC/Co-ops

I wrote a comment to Don’s post, but it was too long for Blogger to accept…. I have a close friend who started one of the first VT L3Cs a couple of years ago, and his intent was to signal that they weren’t out to get rich but to do something interesting and useful that […]

Why not to burn bridges

Karlyn, via Twitter, asks: “why is it so important to not burn bridges when you’re leaving a job? especially if the person you’re burning it with already set it on fire” 1. There is no absolute truth. 2. Different people will have different views of a) What bridge-burning is; b) Whether one should burn bridges […]

The Twitter Inversion

Perhaps another time I could elaborate further on the profound nature of Twitter’s interaction model. There are flaws, but it’s wired us together in as many ways as there are participants. Today, by way of illustration, here is a screenshot view into a couple of minutes of my Twitter stream: The stream actually starts on […]

Patrick Byrne at Dartmouth Tuck School

Patrick Byrne visited Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business this evening. It was something of a local event, since Patrick and his father, Jack Byrne, both attended Dartmouth. The 90-minute format was was structured such that three ’09 Tuck students each asked a question and then the audience asked a bunch of questions. His answers were […]

Facilitating Online Identity Management

Companies should make identity management easy within their online services. Specifically, it’s becoming more and more desirable to have a “split my identity” feature. For example, I have a Twitter account. Turns out I like Twitter. (It wasn’t always the case.) Eventually I want to split my twitter stream into a personal stream and a […]

Economics Blogs

I gave a talk to a local business group about blogs, Twitter, social media and all that, and one of the participants emailed asking for blog recommendations to learn more about economics. Here’s what I suggested. I think Umair Haque is by far the most interesting ‘business strategy’ writer right now. Strategy has to take […]

Downloading .asx video streams

Say there’s an online video that is only available for real-time streaming, and you want to watch it offline at your non-‘net convenience, like on a plane or on your iPhone. A lot of these streams have urls that end in .asx. If so, here are some (techie, Mac-centric) references that will let you download […]

Mostly Twittering

Thoughts are shorter-form these days. Twitter is a good place to follow me. Example: New Macbook video: Awesome emo marketing, utter techporn, richly deserves to be parodied. So there’s that….

The day there was no news

At least I can dream…

Hubris, Denial, and the Financial Services Culture

Interesting behind the scenes report of the Milken Conference and pervasive “Republican/Chicago School of Economics ideology” in the face of a looming great depression. via John Robb.

One consequence of specialization is extinction

Sobering reflections from Robert Rich, on making a living as a musical artist in the long tail, based on his life data from the past 30 years. In reality the life of a “microcelebrity” resembles more the fate of Sisyphus, whose boulder rolls back down the mountain every time he reaches the summit. After every […]

US politics snapshot, all you need to know edition

Henninger/Wall Street Journal Halperin/Time/CNN Sullivan/Atlantic Drew/Politico Ambinder/Atlantic

Quote of the Day

Scott Heriferman: “Sadly, no time to really get into Twitter. For me, to stay healthy AND lead a needed meme (meetup to go from 5M to 500M people, ~$10M to $100M+ rev, and 20K to 200K successful meetup groups), can’t get sucked in.”

Thriving Office

The Sounds of Success: Home businesses know they must seem successful to become successful. So they play Thriving Office while on the phone. This valuable CD, which is filled with the sounds people expect to hear from an established company, provides instant credibility. It’s amazing what the world has come to.

Renting vs Buying

Now that I’m a “homeowner” I think a lot less about all the reasons I thought buying a house was foolish. But today comes Rent Vs. Buy Myths That Ruined the Housing Market to remind me. Ah yes, I remember them fondly. What’s with the scare quotes? Well, the bank actually owns my home, not […]

A Call for Journalistic Courage

Important essay by Walter Pincus on the role of the press in a free society: Today’s mainstream print and electronic media want to be neutral, unbiased and objective, presenting both or all sides as if they were on the sidelines refereeing a game in which only the players—the government and its opponents—can participate. They have […]

Adjacent Social Objects == Gonzo Marketing

Chris Locke, after co-authoring the Cluetrain Manifesto, went on to write a great book called Gonzo Marketing. Wicked unlucky for him, the book was released on October 1, 2001 – kind of a bad season for US commerce. The book gets mixed reviews – sometimes because it’s somewhat dated, but primarily for the writing style, […]

Economics Worldview Today

Credit cards are as dangerous as they are convenient Economics of the Macropocalypse Home to house Will the center hold? Why the Fed is compelled to lie to Congress

Running Out of Ideas?

Amusing one-line review of Handmeon, pointing to the Boston Globe article: is a cool idea, perhaps showing that Web 2.0 entrepreneurs may be running out of ideas. Well, I laughed out loud. He goes on to say, “Actually, I do think it’s a pretty interesting social experiment.” Thanks Pito, for taking a look.