Recommended Documentaries

We’ve been watching a lot of documentaries over the past few years, especially music documentaries, and there has been a strong multi-year run of so many fantastic new releases it’s worth recommending some of what we’ve seen. Most of these we rented or purchased on iTunes or Netflix. There are a few DVDs. These are […]

The Twitter Inversion

Perhaps another time I could elaborate further on the profound nature of Twitter’s interaction model. There are flaws, but it’s wired us together in as many ways as there are participants. Today, by way of illustration, here is a screenshot view into a couple of minutes of my Twitter stream: The stream actually starts on […]

Introduction to Grateful Dead

So, you have a new friend, and one day she says, “You should burn me a Grateful Dead CD because I’m really not familiar with anything they’ve done.” You say, “Sure,” and a few minutes later your head explodes as you reel from the possibilities. It takes a week of full-time leisure-thought to sort it […]

Mostly Twittering

Thoughts are shorter-form these days. Twitter is a good place to follow me. Example: New Macbook video: Awesome emo marketing, utter techporn, richly deserves to be parodied. So there’s that….

Here Is What Is

It’s a beautiful work of art, expressing a unique vision of music-making and the creative process. It is officially 93 minutes long, but there’s another hour or more of extra footage, just as good as the main event. It is Daniel Lanois’s movie, Here Is What Is, and I recommend it without hesitation. (Previously)

Byrne/Eno Return!

Big news in music! The Website The NY Times story. And, the tour!

The Death of Postmodernism And Beyond

This is the first philosophy article that ever seemed relevant to me.


It’s worth reading Desiderata once in a while: Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant; […]

Loop and chill

One-hour hand-recorded 54MB mp3 of Ocean Beach waves, San Francisco, 2008-05-14. Loop and chill. A gift, via Jessamyn.

The day there was no news

At least I can dream…

All you need to know about fashion photos

New Yorker: Pascal Dangin is the premier retoucher of fashion photographs. Art directors and admen call him when they want someone who looks less than great to look great, someone who looks great to look amazing, or someone who looks amazing already—whether by dint of DNA or M·A·C—to look, as is the mode, superhuman. (Christy […]


Gwad, I loved the Spirograph.

Letter to JG

And, completing the morning’s blogging, a beautiful 1996 letter from lyricist Robert Hunter to his friend and primary writing partner Jerry Garcia, one year after Garcia’s death. Your funeral service was one hell of a scene. Maureen and I took Barbara and Sara in and sat with them. MG waited over at our place. Manasha […]

One consequence of specialization is extinction

Sobering reflections from Robert Rich, on making a living as a musical artist in the long tail, based on his life data from the past 30 years. In reality the life of a “microcelebrity” resembles more the fate of Sisyphus, whose boulder rolls back down the mountain every time he reaches the summit. After every […]

Synchronizing Five Metronomes

via Kottke.

RIP Albert Hofmann

At 102.

Quote of the Day

Scott Heriferman: “Sadly, no time to really get into Twitter. For me, to stay healthy AND lead a needed meme (meetup to go from 5M to 500M people, ~$10M to $100M+ rev, and 20K to 200K successful meetup groups), can’t get sucked in.”

Revolution Fashion Show 2008

Saturday we went to the Revolution Fashion show in White River Junction (VT). I brought the new camera, and I learned a lot about using it. Witness the top 30. I made 300 photos, culled 100 that were junk, and tried to select the top 30 to tell a story through the titles. Tech details: […]

Thriving Office

The Sounds of Success: Home businesses know they must seem successful to become successful. So they play Thriving Office while on the phone. This valuable CD, which is filled with the sounds people expect to hear from an established company, provides instant credibility. It’s amazing what the world has come to.

Shine A Light

Martin Scorsese has a new film opening tonight, a musical documentary on the Rolling Stones, filmed in 2006, called Shine A Light. It’s big news in the Intertubes Classic Rock spaces. Here’s the trailer (2:44): And here’s Jumpin’ Jack Flash, the (complete) first song from the movie (4:10): What strikes me most is how healthy […]