Morning Smoothie

The other day I mentioned my blender breakfast lifestyle and someone asked what exactly I’ve been putting in the BlendTec. Here’s the current recipe with a few options.

Notes: When I say, “Tbs” I usually mean “heaping Tbs” – dump the stuff in there! If I use the “~” symbol it means I don’t measure but am guessing the amount (just dump it in there!). I add the ingredients in this order because some of them start to expand and thicken in water.

Updated 2014-07-30 with current recipe.

I’ve linked to the manufacturer’s web pages, but you can find most of this in larger bulk for less cost. This recipe is encourages experimentation and variety. Too sweet? Use fewer berries. Too “powdery?” Drop some protein powder. Too much volume? Use less water. Too thick? Use fewer ice cubes. Want different greens? Go for it!

Blend this up (two cycles, Milkshake then Smoothie) into ~36 oz of tasty nutrition. I’ve been using an insulated Bubba mug and drinking it over a couple of hours.

For many years I ate a bagel with peanut butter for breakfast. Then for a few years I ate a 6 oz turkey burger for breakfast. Then for a few years I ate a peanut butter sandwich with Ezekiel sesame bread. This smoothie has far more nutrition, and keeps me full longer. I haven’t priced out the per-serving cost, though it’s got to be higher than a PB bagel. But it’s so much healthier, and tasty. Much morning yum!