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(Almost) Music to My Ears

8:18 AM: On FedEx vehicle for delivery.

Jetta GLI Winter Wheels Redux

As I’ve said before, the winter steel wheel you want for your 2004 1/2+ Jetta GLI 1.8T is a Macpek X41657. Not mentioned previously is that the tire size is 205/55 R16. The post generated a lot of comments at the time, and now that winter is coming I’m getting another round of email on […]

Milton Glaser

Chip Kidd interviews the designer Milton Glaser. Highly recommend. On parental influence: CK: How did your parents feel about your wanting to become an artist? I assume that’s what you always wanted. MG: Yes. I tell the story: At the age of five I made that decision. In my parents I had the perfect combination—a […]