Intuition vs. Feeling

From Boundaries of the Soul:

Intuition is the perceiving function that sees things whole, or in the broad context. It grasps the big picture and also sees the implications. When it looks at something, it imagines where it came from and how it arrived at this place. It looks for antecedents, for history, for broad general trends. It also speculates about the future, asking, where is this going? And perhaps, what is most important, intuition asks, what are the possibilities of what I am seeing?

Feeling is a judging process, but it operates quite differently from thinking to achieve its ends. Feeling depends upon a personal or subjective value system – there is something conscious or unconscious, against which objective reality is measured. Feeling operates with spontaneity, responding directly to a situation before analyzing its many aspects to determine its worth or usefulness. Feeling says, I like that, or, that will never do. […] People with strong feeling functions base their responses to a situation on their sense of what is right or wrong, appropriate or inappropriate, urgent or not urgent, or any other criteria by which something may be judged.

– June Singer (1972, 1994)