Let’s Talk About the Weather

Or, better, let’s bitch about it. We owe it to ourselves – it’s February, and it’s 45 degrees again. If it had been below freezing yesterday we would have two feet of new snow. Instead, inches of rain. My dirt road is a real mess, and when I go out to see friends tonight I’m wondering if I’ll get back without a long walk and a tow truck. More rain scheduled for tonight, and tomorrow. Sigh.
Growing up, two hours south of here in Connecticut, I remember building snow forts that I could stand up in, during Thanksgiving weekend! I don’t think you could have built a fort at all for the past several years. I was so looking forward to skiing this winter, but it’s hard to get excited about skiing for the first time in 26 years when it looks like April in January and February. [Plus, I can’t believe I’m so old that I can write about something I did 26 years ago. That has its own grim reality.]
I can’t be the only one around here thinking about this. Nobody I know has been complaining about it much, maybe because it’s so obviously crazy – why bother? But I for one am ready for a few cold, crisp, blue-sky and yellow-sun days, after a couple of big monster dumpings of snow, where I can snowshoe, take a ski lesson, and revel in the beauty of frozen ice crystals. Until then, we’re just slogging though the mud up here, and I’m browsing places that have 1) more urban culture, and 2) better weather.