Top ‘O The Morning

I like the brand-new Google Finance for its page layout and information density. Lots of Ajaxy goodness throughout – check out that slider under the long-term graph!
Billmon exposes the hypocrisy that is John Snow, Bush’s Treasury Secretary, standing in for arrogant overpaid CEOs the world over. Not that every CEO is arrogant and overpaid, but certainly some are, don’t you agree?
Danah Boyd on the differences between MySpace’s success and Friendster’s failure. Required reading for online community builders. Also has some notes about the impact high-profile social software failures might generate in the legal or regulatory space.
Michael Crichton on a federal circuit court’s decision that thinking can violate a patent. Patently absurd.
A 20-year study determines that whiny, insecure kids usually grow up to be conservatives, while confident, resilient, self-reliant kids mostly grew up to be liberals. Admit it: You thought to yourself, “No surprise.”
Katrina went to a Television Preview Screening. She found it sickening; let this be a lesson to you.
The Economist on open source collaboration. Makes a point I have mentioned in the past: Open source is very good at optimizing existing technology, but not necessarily good at innovation – might require a few more years to play out, but that’s the current thinking. Linux is a very good replacement for a plethora of Unix; Wikipedia is optimizes human knowledge editing. Open source is an excellent process innovation but that is not the whole game.
Adaptation offers two excellent articles on the personal economics of a post-hydrocarbon century (1, 2). These are important and valuable contributions to the planning for “powerdown.” Summary: You should worry less about losing electricity and growing food than losing your job and home.
Finally, from email: I am blessed with wonderful, generous, and appreciative clients, as well as thoughtful, helpful, and supportive friends. Plus, the sun is shining and I have a clear, open day with no appointments. My time is my own. If I can’t have an upbeat productive day today then I don’t know what it will take.