Update on Police Solicitations

Re: the solicitations and implications. Got a call from the Chief of Police. Turns out this was an International Brotherhood of Police Officers union project, which was not cleared through the town administration. The complaints started coming in, and finally today they went down to the telephone “boiler room” and read them the riot act on using the Town’s name. Two union guys were fired (for not clearing the project). Mine wasn’t the first complaint, and the Chief is spending quite a bit of time on it this week. Quote: [Sigh] “Having one employee is one too many.” The Town did something like this ten years ago and decided never to do it again – little of the money stays locally. It’s not the way the Town or the Police department operates, he apologized for the trouble, and if it happens again call him directly.
Can’t really ask for more than that.
Looking backward, who would have thought 25 years ago that the Chief of Police and I would be on the same side of any issue? Maturity, I tell you. Hopefully this buys me some slack the next time I’m out raising hell and have a run-in with the local law.